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Presbrake tools

Press Brake Tooling

Bystronic manufactures a comprehensive selection of press brake tooling for use across our full line of press brakes as well as third party press brake machines.

To achieve high-quality bending results, companies require not only a powerful press brake, but also the suitable bending tools. Put Bystronic’s unsurpassed expertise in press brake technology to work for you in virtually ANY press brake you currently use with our extended line of press brake tooling. 

Bystronic XPT Tooling is compatible with Wila® NSCL II type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems, offering you the flexibility to expand upon existing tooling systems while taking advantage of the expert applications and superior press brake support from Bystronic. XPT tooling will fit virtually any press brake in your shop today. 

XPT Tooling features:

  • Compatible with Wila® NSCL II type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems 
  • Self-seating and segmented front-loading tool technology
  • Precision-ground and deep-hardened for long tool life

Bystronic RF-A Tooling is a new tooling system that maintains high quality segmented  tooling features with the added benefit of increased tool clamping capabilities. This system is 100% compatibility with the Bystronic bending database at the machine control.  

Special bending tools

RF-A Tooling features:   

  • Available with upper and lower hydraulic clamping systems  
  • Engineered to provide high clamping pressure for tooling rigidity   
  • Self-seating and segmented front-loading tool technology  
  • Precision-ground and deep-hardened for long tool life

If you require special tools for special applications, Bystronic is also the right partner for you. Bystronic designs, manufacturers and delivers - quickly and reliably.

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Tooling USA

Adopting new technology best practices can differentiate your business.

To learn more about the range of cutting, bending, automation, and software solutions offered by Bystronic, or to visit our Experience Center in Hoffman Estates IL, please complete the below form.

The company behind the technology.

The company behind the technology is as important as the technology itself. Bystronic recognizes that it’s not just about the machine, but it’s also about the company. A leader in the machine tool industry,  we bring an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products with proven machine performance to the market. 

Bystronic delivers: 

  • Dedicated training and applications teams.  
  • Dedicated service and laser application hotlines.  
  • Nationwide factory service network for local support.  
  • Regional service managers ensuring local customer satisfaction.  

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