10 years Bystronic Poland

2016年 07月

Our subsidiary Bystronic Poland celebrated its 10th anniversary at the trade fair for machine tools Mach-Tool in Poznan.

Bystronic started selling directly in Poland with its own subsidiary in 2006. Since then ten years have passed. In June, Bystronic Poland celebrated its tenth anniversary during the Mach-Tool trade fair for machine tools in Posen. The Polish subsidiary invited customers, partners, and friends to the event.

CEO Alex Waser, Head of Markets Johan Elster, and Hugo Allemann, Head of Market Division Central Europe, also visited Bystronic Poland and presented our Polish colleagues with a traditional Swiss belt as an anniversary gift.

Subsequently, during the festive event, Bystronic Poland honored long-standing customers and partners without whose trust Bystronic’s success on the Polish market would not be possible.

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