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L820: In-Depth Laser Operations

Laser Cutting

This course is the continuation of the L101: Operation with ByVision Cutting course.

This 2.5-day course covers more advanced cutting techniques as well as advanced machine functions. This course is formally known as L820b, previous L820b course credits are applicable for this course.

Requirements for participation:
- Pre-Requisite course: L101: Operation with ByVision Cutting completed prior
−At least 3 months experience on your laser AFTER completing L101: Operation with ByVision Cutting

*if your participant(s) do not meet the requirements, your participant(s) will be unable to take the course - if you are unsure if your participant has formally completed the L101: Operation with ByVision Cutting course, please reach out to



Start date 10/4/23

2200 West Central Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Category Laser Cutting

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