Innovations must reflect customer needs

Ноябрь 2014


At Bystronic, the customer takes center stage. By focusing on the entire process chain, Bystronic provides its customers with added value that cannot be found elsewhere.

Innovation plays a vital role in the future success of Bystronic. “We will only be able to continue offering solutions that set new benchmarks worldwide through a path of constant innovation,” says Head of Markets Johan Elster. Yet innovation in the sheet metal processing industry does not mean the same as it did 10 or 20 years ago. “Apart from the traditional products, the machines, innovation increasingly takes place in service,” says CEO Alex Waser, adding that the focus is shifting to customer needs. The part-identification tool PartID and the web-based remote monitoring program Observer, for example, were developed in close collaboration with customers.

Profitable as of lot size one

Since less know-how is needed to produce a laser today than for instance ten years ago, the services make all the difference in the market, Johan Elster explains: “We master the entire process chain. This requires a great deal of expertise, and in this area our experience ensures that we have a solid lead.” Alex Waser adds: “The services we develop to go with our products constitute a certain degree of protection for our top position in the industry.”

Bystronic’s customers, too, are faced with new challenges today: short delivery times, small lot sizes, just-in-time production. With its innovations in service, Bystronic offers customers flexibility and automation, which are especially in demand in the traditional industrialized countries.

Local expertise

Different markets present Bystronic with different challenges. As early as 1990, the company started to gain a foothold in emerging markets and today relies on a network of 26 subsidiaries on three continents.

The interviews were conducted by economic journalist Oliver Klaffke.

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