Xact Smart M

Xact Smart M

The robust and reliable entry-level solution for heavy-duty bending

  • Powerful tool clamping system facilitates tool changing and enables the bending of even high-strength materials
  • The heavy-duty and low-maintenance mechanical crowning system guarantees high precision when processing long, heavy, and expensive parts
  • Generous open height and large stroke offer flexibility for box bending and with regard to tooling
  • Users control all the bending processes on a touch screen using the ByVision Bending process software
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to offline programming
  • Reliable accuracy
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Prepared for the future thanks to OPC and robot interface
Xact Smart M 400 600
Tonnage 400 t 600 t
Bending length 4100 mm 6100 mm
Installation height 775 mm 775 mm
Standard stroke 400 mm 400 mm

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