FMG Automation - Handling systems

FMG Automation - Handling systems

Flexible automation for the loading, unloading, and sorting of individual parts for laser cutting systems

  • Versatile automation and flexible integration of laser cutting and storage systems for a wide range of customer requirements
  • Variable configurations enable adaptation to a wide variety of manufacturing environments
  • Full accessibility to the laser cutting system
  • Variable functions for the loading of raw material, unloading of the residual sheets, right through to the sorting of finished cut parts
  • Integration with Bystronic laser cutting systems and optimized capacity utilization of the complete production system with lightly manned production right through to fully automated manufacturing
FMG Automation

Nominal sheet size 3000 x 1500 mm 4000 x 2000 mm
Installation configuration variable/ customer-specific
Load metal sheet Yes
Unload residual sheet Yes
Sort individual parts Yes
Options Sheet separation, air blowing, fanning magnet, cartoning, and other options

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