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Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for processing sheet metal. The laser beam is created by the laser source (resonator), conducted by a transport fiber or mirrors in the machine cutting head where a lens focuses it at very high power on a very small diameter. This focused laser beam meets the sheet metal and melts it. 

Tube processing

2D and 3D laser cutting systems for the efficient processing of tubes and profiles. Bystronic offers the right cutting technology for your manufacturing needs.

The range of applications for processed tubes and profiles is vast. Be it in the automotive sector, furniture design, architecture, the petrochemical industry, or commercial vehicle engineering. In many sectors, the laser-assisted processing of tubes and profiles offers a virtually unlimited manufacturing spectrum for parts and unique design possibilities.

Tube processing
Xpert 150


Bending is a procedure for forming a flat, sheet metal workpiece. It immediately follows cutting in the processing chain. The workpiece lies on a bottom tool with a v-shaped opening. A wedge-shaped tool (punch) presses the workpiece into the v-opening and thus bends it to the desired angle.


Automation solutions optimize material flow, improve machine use and increase work and process reliability. The building blocks are modular so that the degree of automation can be adapted at a later date. The solutions range from simple handling to fully automatic operation.

ByTrans Cross


In modern sheet metal processing environments, software solutions open up unique competitive advantages. In the background behind the cutting, bending, and automation process steps, high-performance software from Bystronic supports the entire information and data flow. With BySoft CAM and Plant Manager, Bystronic offers solutions that facilitate a digitally networked manufacturing environment that guides users from the incoming order to the finished part, in a fast and efficient workflow.

Smart Factory Solutions

In the age of Industry 4.0 the world is changing and with it our business environment. Volatile markets, decreasing batch sizes, increasing product diversity, and shorter lead times require new approaches for the sheet metal processing sector.

Smart Factory Solutions
Services & Support

Services & Support

Make the right choice for the manufacturing solution that meets your requirements today and in the future. Our specialists will be pleased to provide you with advice about Bystronic’s versatile portfolio.

Bystronic Pre-owned

Do you need a high-quality machine for your metal processing, even though you don't always have so much work that a new machine would pay off? Or do you want flexibility in your own production process, without depending on suppliers?

Bystronic has the solution for you: a used machine (Bystronic Pre-owned), inspected for proper functionality according to strict Bystronic guidelines.

Bystronic Pre-owned

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