ByJet Flex: New dimension of flexibility

May 2014


With the new waterjet cutting system ByJet Flex, Bystronic equips its customers for the future.

The ByJet Flex unites 2D and 3D technology on a single machine platform.

Flexible machine concept
The ByJet Flex's machine concept is based on the successful ByJet Classic series. With the variable basin system, the ByJet Flex is available in several formats up to a maximum working area of 10 by 3 meters. It is also possible to expand the system at a later time.
The basic version of the machine is equipped with all the technical prerequisites that allow it to be upgraded with extended functions such as 3D cutting heads, drill spindles, FixMaster and PositionPointer. Hence the ByJet Flex enables users to select from a modular system to define a machine that is precisely tailored to their requirements.

The design of the ByJet Flex allows it to be upgraded with up to two 3D cutting heads.

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