Xpert 40

Height-adjustable touch screen

Now Bystronic offers the Xpert 40 with an individually adjustable screen.


Xpert 40: Now with adjustable screen

August 2016


Bystronic has improved the ergonomics on the Xpert 40. Now the press brake can be equipped with a height-adjustable screen.

Bending should not only be efficient, it should also be comfortable. This is why Bystronic now offers a height-adjustable screen for the Xpert 40 press brake. With this optional feature, users can go one step further in configuring the working area of the Xpert 40 to their individual requirements.

Simple and fast handling at the press brake is a key issue for many users. Load the bending plan, set up the machine, and start bending. To ensure convenient handling, the operator screen has to be in the correct position for the individual operator: on the left, on the right, higher, or maybe a little lower. On the Xpert 40, all this is possible thanks to the individually adjustable 22 inch touch screen.

For those users who do not need a height-adjustable screen, the Xpert 40 is still available in the basic version with a fixed screen that is attached to the upper beam of the machine.


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