Full potential for fiber laser cutting

Full potential for fiber laser cutting

May 2019

With the ByStar Fiber laser cutting system, Bystronic offers a high-end all-rounder that exploits the full potential of fiber laser technology. The ByTrans Cross and ByTrans Extended automation solutions ensure an optimal material flow. The package consisting of fiber laser and automation is now available as a Best Choice Deal.

Sheet metal processing companies that systematically gear their cutting processes towards fiber laser technology achieve a distinct competitive edge thanks to speed, versatility, and unbeatable costs per cut part. Fiber laser technology enables a wide variety of materials to be cut, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals. The 10-kilowatt ByStar Fiber achieves up to four times faster cutting speeds in comparison with the 4-kilowatt industry standard for fiber laser systems. This enables users to cut four times as many sheet metal parts than most of their competitors in the same time.

However, laser power and high cutting speeds are only part of the recipe for success. Users who cut at high speeds must also be able to adapt the entire material flow to the high output of the cutting process. Automated loading and unloading solutions help users to achieve this requirement. Bystronic offers a wide range of automation solutions. These include, for example, the ByTrans Cross and ByTrans Extended systems. Both solutions are available in the 3015 and 4020 formats to match the machine formats of the ByStar Fiber.

Every metal processing environment has its own individual production processes, installation constraints, and demands on the functionality of the installed cutting and automation systems. Bystronic developed the ByTrans Cross system to respond to precisely these requirements. The loading and unloading solution has accomplished the balancing act, which pushes conventional automation solutions to their limits: Laser automation for large series while simultaneously offering sufficient flexibility for small batches. Thanks to its modular design, the ByTrans Cross enables various positioning options and upgrade levels. For example, as an integrated loading and unloading solution connected with a material warehouse. However, the ByTrans Cross can also be used as a stand-alone system without connection to a warehouse, in order to supply the ByStar Fiber with raw sheets and to unload parts after the cutting process. For many users, unhindered access to the shuttle table of the laser cutting system is also an important factor. This allows urgent jobs to be processed manually at any time.

The example of the German company Metalltechnik Göbel GmbH shows how a state-of-the-art metal processing environment with automated cutting processes and high processing quality can be achieved. The job shop relies on the 10 kilowatt laser performance of a ByStar Fiber 4020 and the matching automation solution ByTrans Extended 4020. The automated cutting solution from Bystronic increases the company’s production speed and diversity. A decisive advantage in the competition for customer orders. Another real advantage comes from the comparably low operating costs of the automated fiber laser in comparison to conventional CO2 laser cutting systems.

When required, Metalltechnik Göbel GmbH also uses the 4020 format ByStar Fiber to process sheet metal parts that are larger than the standard 3015 format. This enables the company to cater for special customer requests. However, the 4020 format is also excellently suited for small parts. The four-by-two-meter metal sheets allow these to be nested optimally. This reduces the offcuts of valuable raw materials.

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