State-of-the-art technology.
State-of-the-art technology.
In the interview, Kevin and Karl Willett from Lasered Components talk about their new ByStar Fiber.
Everything on the touch screen.
Everything on the touch screen.
Karl Willett controls the ByStar Fiber using the newly developed ByVision Cutting user interface.
Success through investment.
Success through investment.
Karl Willett says: "We have increased the number of staff and the amount of work and are enjoying our best quarter ever."

“Like a rocket”

January 2016


Lasered Components are getting ahead of their competitors with the ByStar Fiber. The new fiber laser has enhanced the growth of their business.

How do you stand out from competitors?

We may not be the cheapest but we offer the best value for money. We would not take on a job if we did not have the time to do it and we are very honest. Our customers know this, and we have a good relationship with them.

What do you expect from today’s fiber laser?

Reliability, speed, and accuracy – if there’s a better alternative to fiber laser technology today then we have not found it! We are currently the only UK subcontract laser cutting company that uses 100 percent fiber laser machines, all of which are from Bystronic. Other firms are still cutting with a combination of the traditional CO2 models and modern fiber machines.

What did you most recently cut on the ByStar Fiber?

We are currently cutting lockers for battleships – although I’m not sure what we are allowed to say as it is all for the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Oddly, many of the products remain a mystery as we are sent a design, produce the component, and deliver it. We recently cut components for construction, medical and retail companies across the UK.

Tell us about the machine’s operation.

It is more reliable, and there is more uptime. It’s very easy to train staff on the machine. We can get new people in, and after a week they are able to competently use the machine. The interface is a touchscreen and it’s very straightforward to program dimensions and designs.

How does the ByStar Fiber simplify the laser cutting process?

Generally, it can cut everything on a wide spectrum. Thus we need fewer machines. We have twice the amount of factory space now and half of that is used for stacking materials. This means we can get the best out of the machine. If you let the ByStar Fiber breathe it takes off like a rocket.

How has your business improved with the ByStar Fiber?

It’s a big decision to invest in a new machine. We have to ask the questions, can we make it work for us? Will we become more competitive? The answer is yes. We have increased the number of staff and the amount of work and are enjoying our best quarter ever. By investing in the latest technology we are getting ahead of the competition.


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