"We want to stand out."
"We want to stand out."
In the interview, the managing directors Lars Roth and Gebhard Effinger explain how the new fiber laser is changing business.
High demands.
High demands.
Lars Roth and Gebhard Effinger rely on versatility and high quality.
Through thin and thick.
Through thin and thick.
Unbeatably fast in the thin range of sheet thicknesses. And outstanding cutting performance with thick materials.

"Almost twice as fast"

March 2016


The German company Roth & Effinger is using a ByStar Fiber since several months. Above all, the job shop appreciates the new fiber laser's cutting speed.

Roth & Effinger is an ambitious job shop from southern Germany. The company stands out on the market through versatility and the high demands it places on quality. They are using the new ByStar Fiber laser cutting system from Bystronic since several months.

What requirements do you place on a fiber laser?   

 A fiber laser must be faster than a CO 2 laser both in the thin and thick sheet metal ranges, in order to enable us to produce parts more cost-effectively. However, versatility in terms of cutting materials is also important. In addition to steel and stainless steel, we also cut non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass.  

Are there technological alternatives to the fiber laser?  

As a job shop, our customers judge us based on quality and delivery times. The fiber laser provides us with optimal support for both these aspects. The cutting speed is virtually unbeatable. Hence, we clearly see the fiber laser as our future solution for the cutting process step. In addition, we are still using two CO 2 lasers and a waterjet cutting system.

What was the last thing you processed with the ByStar Fiber? 

It was an order for a car manufacturer. The job involved cutting 2-millimeter stainless steel. It consisted of 2000 parts in total, which subsequently had to be bent. Previously we would have processed this job using our CO 2 laser. Now, thanks to the ByStar Fiber, we can cut such jobs with almost twice the speed. And this without compromising quality. 

What is your impression of the new ByVision Cutting user interface? 

We now operate the ByStar Fiber exclusively using the touch screen. We quickly became accustomed to using it, because the operating procedures are self-explanatory: upload cutting plans, start the process, and the laser gets going. There are many symbols that guide the operator through the menu without losing precious time. 

What role does the access over the long side of the machine play during your work routine? 

The access over the machine’s long side means that for us the ByStar Fiber is extremely versatile. Particularly when we want to quickly process a small job while large orders are running. Then we simply load an individual metal sheet. Thanks to the sliding door on the long side of the machine, the cutting area can be accessed at any time. 

What surprised you about the ByStar Fiber? 

We were surprised at its low energy consumption compared to our CO 2 laser machines. With the ByStar Fiber, we not only cut faster, we even improve our company's energy efficiency. The maintenance requirements are also lower than with the CO 2 lasers. 


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