Greater efficiency
Greater efficiency
Our service technician has all the information on his tablet and arrives at the customer’s premises well-prepared.
Complete transparency
Complete transparency
All service tasks are recorded digitally and can be viewed by the customer in a final report.

Service becomes digital

May 2016


Our customers’ service requirements are increasing. This is why, with ByExcellence, Bystronic is establishing a new CRM system for customer service. The system completely digitalizes the procedure for all service assignments.

When was the last time you had a visit from your Bystronic service technician? Did you notice anything different? If, after the work was complete, you signed the service report on a tablet instead of on paper, you are already benefiting from the new ByExcellence customer service system.

Bystronic is using a new CRM system for customer service. This enables the processes of all service assignments to be digitalized. For customers this means: no more paper and fast processes prior to, during, and after service calls. This is how, in future, ByExcellence will speed up Bystronic's service. Satisfied customer, satisfied service technician. This is our goal.

From now on, your Bystronic service technician will have all the information on his tablet: What maintenance was last performed on your machines? What tasks are scheduled for the current service call? Might it even be possible to move maintenance work forward that is due in a few weeks’ time? This decreases your idle times and saves you costs and time for a renewed service call.

Read how our customers experience Bystronic’s new customer service in BystronicWorld 1.2016, which will be available shortly.

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