Byjet Flex 1530
Byjet Flex 1530
ByJet Flex 6030
ByJet Flex 6030

Requirements and solutions

Waterjet - Bedürfnisse und Lösungen

Power range of all ByJet models in the respective basic version


Fast and efficient perfect parts

  • Extensive, customizable material database 
  • Cutting parameters can be tailored directly on the machine at any time 
  • Efficient automatic nozzle calibration setting 
  • Automated cutting with freely selectable penetration type (low-pressure penetration or pre-drilling)

Secure manufacturing with automated process management

  • Continuous control of the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. During multiple head operation, each tool has its own height sensor 
  • Faster machine stop in the event of collision with upright parts 
  • Clog detection at the cutting head 
  • Automatic vehicle distance also makes complex nested multi-head cutting plans efficiently producible

Absolute control of production costs

  • Exact dosage of optimal abrasive amount 
  • Regulated pump pressure after CNC specification 

Expanded power range via options


Increase efficiency

  • Two-head operation with automatic vehicle distance displacement 
  • Large working area for high parts production
  • Cutting with up to 5300 bar  
  • 3D cutting technology for diagonal cutting edges up to 46°

Reduce costs

  • Possibility of retroactive expansion, as needed 
  • Angle correction with 3D cutting head
  • Reduced non-productive time via separate cutting zones 
  • Energy-efficient high-pressure pump with direct drive

Simplify processes

  • Drill spindle for starting hole in brittle materials
  • FixMaster allows cutting activities without micro joints 
  • PositionPointer for easy cutting head positioning 
Waterjet Options

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