3D cutting with Bystronic
3D cutting with Bystronic
With the 3D cutting head, Bystronic is expanding the range of applications of the ByJet Flex.
More value added
More value added
Advantages over milling: The 3D technology increases value added in the production of complex cut parts.
Beveled edges
Beveled edges
The 3D head cuts edges with slopes of up to 45 degrees and inner contours with alternating skew.

The 3rd dimension

Complex 3D cuts with up to 46 degree angle and high feed motion speed for straight cuts thanks to angle correction. 3D technology makes waterjet cutting more versatile than ever before.

Unique 3D kinematics

The special kinematics of the 3D cutting head enable exact and very direct swivel movements. When pivoting, the cutting head revolves around the focal point of the cutting nozzle on the shortest possible path, without the need for the linear axes to be compensated. This enables a precise cutting process with high contour fidelity without loss of speed.


Reliable collision protection

The continuous height sensing prevents collisions of the 3D cutting head, for example with protruding cut parts. If the protective sensing ring comes into contact with protruding cut parts, the ByJet Flex automatically stops the cutting head.

Kollisionsschutz durch Höhenabtastung

Continuous height sensing

The 3D cutting head operates with continuous height sensing. This allows it to follow the surface of the workpiece, in order to maintain a constant distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece. This enables the highest degree of cutting precision, even with multi-head applications.

Kollisionsschutz durch Höhenabtastung

Uncontrolled distance without continuous height sensing.


Deviation from desired workpiece geometry.



Increase efficiency

  • Maximum parts output with two 3D cutting heads on a single machine 
  • High feed motion speeds with straight cutting edges possible with angle correction
  • Drill spindle and FixMaster also usable for 3D applications (installed on a second cutting carriage)

Reduce costs

  • Continuous monitoring of the nozzle distance throughout the cutting process 
  • Interchangeable 3D cutting head on a highly profitable machine with two 2D cutting heads 
  • Variable 2D platform can be retrofitted for 3D technology at any time

Simplify processes

  • Integrated 3D cutting expertise
  • Continuous endless rotation in 3D cut
  • Simple maintenance of the high-pressure seals in the swivel joint
  • Standard interface enables the customer to change the cutting head easily

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