Xpert 40 automated
Xpert 40 automated
Mobile Bending Cell
Mobile Bending Cell
Plug & Bend principle
Plug & Bend principle

Mobile Bending Cell


Mobile automation for high-speed bending

  • Ideal for varying order situations. You manually bend complex small series and use automatic bending for large series 
  • Intelligent automation enables lightly-manned multi-shift operation on the Xpert 40 with a high degree of process reliability 
  • Plug & Bend principle. The Mobile Bending Robot can be set up on the Xpert 40 in just a few minutes. In spite of automation, the overall system remains compact and mobile 
  • Convenient offline programming of bending jobs. Subsequently, ByVision Bending allows the data to be imported in a simple process without interrupting the current bending job 
  • Simple upgradeability. The upgrade of the Xpert 40 with the Mobile Bending Robot can be carried out at any time


Specialized Press

“Make bending easy”

BystronicWorld 1, 2017

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