BySprint Pro 3015
BySprint Pro 3015
Nozzle changer
Nozzle changer
Nozzle alignment
Nozzle alignment
Best accessibility
Best accessibility

BySprint Pro

High dynamics for sheet metal formats up to 4 × 2 meters

  • Also available in 3015 and 4020 designs. This means that even 4 × 2 m sheet metal can be processed quickly and economically
  • Automated nozzle exchange and alignment further increases machine autonomy and reduces necessary operator intervention to a minimum
  • The newest cutting and piercing technology delivers fast job processing and maximum parts production as well as first-class quality across the entire range of sheet thickness
  • Shortest cutting time per part thanks to an efficient connection between plasma-supported high-speed cutting and high machine dynamics
  • The optional machine encapsulation reduces smoke emissions and noise to a minimum
  • Low operating costs thanks to wear-free semiconductor excitation and wear-free magnetic bearing compressors

BySprint Pro 3015 BySprint Pro 4020
Nominal sheet size 3000 × 1500 mm 4000 × 2000 mm
Maximum positioning speed simultaneous 140 m/min 140 m/min
ByVision Touchscreen operation and manual control unit yes yes

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