Testimonial Gerrit Gerritsen

Gerrit Gerritsen Technical Sales Consultant Bending & Automation

Why did you choose Bystronic as your number one choice employer? 

Well, actually, Bystronic chose us.They bought our company a long time ago. And this was a really good thing. because finally everything we wanted to develop we could now, because Bystronic’s financial position and their growth strategy. That was a really good thing for us. 

Tell us about some of your career highlights. 

There are a lot of highlights, actually. My whole career is a highlight. What I really like is the communication between myself and customers, colleagues and other people. This is what I really likeand this happens every single day. My whole life is a highlight at Bystronic. I really enjoy that. 

At which point did you feel enabled by Bystronic? 

I think when we set up the bending structure in America. I did that about 20 years ago. This was a really good feeling, because we were really successful then and we still are really successful. So I truly feel I was part of that. 

When did you feel you were making an impact beyond your role? 

When I can truly make an impact is when customers ask me for my advice. When they ask me what they should do to improve their production and to reduce cost. That is really something where I feel I have an impact. 

Meet Gerrit

Testimonial Gerrit Gerritsen

“My whole career is a highlight. What I really like is the communication between myself and customers, colleagues and other people.” 

Gerrit Gerritsen, Technical Sales Consultant Bending & Automation