News ByTrans Cross 4020: Large-format automation

Bystronic already offers the ByStar Fiber laser cutting system in the 4020 format. With the ByTrans Cross 4020, there is now also a suitable automation solution. With this system, Bystronic is supporting the ongoing trend towards automation in the field of fiber laser cutting even with larger formats.

Bystronic is expanding the existing ByTrans Cross automation module with the 4020 format. Thus, the loading and unloading solution is the ideal upgrade for the ByStar Fiber 4020 fiber laser cutting system, which can process metal sheets up two 4 by 2 meters. The ByStar Fiber offers laser outputs up to 10 kilowatts, a wide spectrum of applications, and highest cutting speeds.

“The expansion of our range of automation solutions with the ByTrans Cross 4020 supports the ongoing trend towards automation in the field of fiber laser cutting,” explains Alain Meyer, Bystronic Product Manager for automation. With the ByTrans Cross, users considerably speed up the material flow of their laser cutting processes. The automation system is designed to function optimally with the high process speeds of fiber laser cutting. On the one hand, it enables the fully-automatic loading and unloading for large production runs. And on the other, it offers users the freedom for manual loading of the laser cutting system at any time.

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ByTrans Cross handles the entire loading and unloading process on the shuttle table of the fiber laser cutting system. This greatly simplifies working with the 4 by 2 meter sheets, Alain Meyer explains. From a certain thickness, metal sheets in this format are very difficult to handle manually. The ByTrans Cross 4020 requires only 75 seconds to set up and unload the cutting table.

Versatile material handling – expandable at any time

The ByTrans Cross 4020 is not only fast but also versatile. The key is the loading and unloading unit’s modular design. This opens up a variety of application scenarios. As an automation bridge, the ByTrans Cross can be integrated between the laser cutting system and the warehouse, in order to manage the material flow. However, the ByTrans Cross is equally well suited for use as a stand-alone solution without connection to a warehouse, in order to provide the laser cutting system with raw metal sheets in various thicknesses and materials. The basic version of the ByTrans Cross comes with two loading carriages, which can be used to store raw material when used as a stand-alone solution. Optionally, additional material carts can be added to achieve enhanced functionality for the unloading of the completed cut parts.

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