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Elevator industry Reliable metal processing for first-class elevator production

State-of-the-art technology for elevator construction 

Take the manufacturing quality of your elevators to the next level with Bystronic.

We support you in optimizing your production with laser cutting machines, tube lasers, press brakes, automation and suitable software.

Your advantages

  • We offer high-performance machines for optimum results in elevator construction.
  • Work efficiently and sustainably with reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption.
  • Stay flexible with the options of low-man or unmanned production.

Since 1964, our customers have trusted Bystronic's Swiss quality, innovative strength, expertise, and outstanding service.

Elevate your production efficiency with Bystronic's Bending Cell, the ultimate solution for automated sheet metal bending. Our advanced bending press technology delivers unmatched precision in your automatic sheet metal bending machine operations.

Precision through automated processes

Automated sheet metal processing ensures high precision. This ensures that all manufactured elevator components reliably have the same dimensions and shapes.

fiber laser cutting machine with well cut metal parts around cutting head

Versatility in component machining

Given the variety of components in elevators, flexibility is a must. Sheet metal processing solutions from Bystronic offer the necessary versatility to precisely manufacture parts of different sizes and shapes.

ByTrans Modular loading and unloading automation solution for laser system: Sustainably smart

Increasing cost efficiency

Automation of sheet metal working processes reduces labor costs because less manual work is required. With Bystronic machines, you also reduce energy consumption for an environmentally friendly production.

Do you have any questions? We are experts in our field and can help you achieve greater productivity in elevator construction.

How you can profit with Bystronic

Fast and efficient production in elevator construction

Our sheet metal working machines are designed to efficiently handle large quantities and always keep pace with demand. Rely on fast and precise part production. Optimize your production times.

Different materials and thicknesses

Thicker materials are often required in elevator construction. This is particularly the case with structural parts. Thick metal sheets and various materials are easily processed with Bystronic machines.

Size and complexity

Our powerful machines are designed to precisely cut, shape and machine large and heavy sheets. You can rely on us to handle even the most demanding shapes and dimensions with ease.

Maintenance and comprehensive service

You know how important service is. Don't worry about the maintenance of your sheet metal working machines. Our reliable Bystronic service guarantees smooth operation. With fast spare parts supply and our dedicated customer service, you minimize downtime and keep your production running at full speed.

Individual solutions for your elevator construction needs

Laser cutting machines

With our fiber lasers, you can cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper up to a thickness of 30 mm. 15 kW power ensure excellent cutting performance and high throughput.

High-precision laser cutting machine in operation for machine laser cutting tasks.

Tube laser

Our state-of-the-art tube lasers are equipped with advanced 2D and 3D laser cutting technology. They enable precise processing of a wide range of materials and sizes for elevator construction. This way, you do not only reduce energy consumption and maintenance, but also benefit from maximum precision.

ByTube Star 130 tube laser

Press Brake

Our bending technology and high-performance press brakes master even complex bending processes for larger and more demanding elevator components. With press forces of up to 2000 tons and bending lengths of up to 20 meters, you can produce robust components for elevators.

State-of-the-art CNC press brakes in operation at our manufacturing facility - press brake manufacturer.

Laser automation

Elevators must be reliable and safe. High repeatability in component machining ensures that all parts have consistent dimensions and fits. Benefit from a fully automated sheet metal loading process with integrated weight control. Rely on Bystronic's innovative automation to ensure reliable and efficient elevator production.

Man looking at a metal sheet

Bending automation

Optimize time and costs with fully or partially automated bending processes. From automatic tool change to the all-rounder bending center - make your production more efficient and competitive.

a man touching a robot machine

Would you like to learn more about individual products and how you can integrate them into your elevator production? We are at your disposal.

Important materials for elevator construction

The Bystronic laser cutting systems and press brakes process a wide range of materials:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
Materials, Steel/General (Unsplash, Christophe Dion)

Customized storage system for more than 10,000 individual parts at Pilatus

"The high-bay warehouse has proven its worth - especially when you consider that it is not a standard solution but was designed specifically for the production processes in the new structural assembly hall. This presented us with specific challenges. Thanks to Bystronic's competent service, any malfunction was quickly rectified."

Thomas Gosso, Team Leader Logistics at Pilatus

Read the success story

Get Bystronic at your side as a partner. We advise you and lead your company into the future of elevator manufacturing.

Our promise to you

Walk into the future with confidence, supported by Bystronic, your reliable partner!

For 30 years Bystronic Service has stood for experience and top quality. As your service partner, we enable you to concentrate on your core business and to serve your customers on time and in the highest quality.

We monitor the efficiency and well-being of your machines and employees. Safety and performance are our top priority!

Discover our service portfolio
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Software solutions

Increase digitalization in sheet metal processing with the BySoft Suite from Bystronic. Our wide range of software solutions offers the right tool for every need.

Stay in control - whether of individual machines or overall production. BySoft Suite gives you a comprehensive overview and efficient management of your operations.

To the software solutions
BySoft Suite - Man operating a tube laser machine