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ByCell Bend Smart Automated bending cell for beginners

ByCell Bend Smart - Title

Simple first steps Bending automation made easy

Use the ByCell Bend Smart to automate your bending processes in next to no time. Discover our smart bending machine for beginners and get started quickly and easily.

Video preview Bending Cell - Constant quality

Swiss Engineering Invest in quality

The ByCell Bend Smart offers you Swiss quality at an attractive price-performance ratio. Maximize your output with proven bending technology. You'll see: The angles fit – from the first part to the last.

Xpert Pro Performance and quality

Intuitively operable Just get started

The intuitive operation makes it easy for you to get started: In addition to the beginner-friendly offline programming with BySoft CAM Robot, the intuitive user interface of ByVision Robot enables smooth workflows on the machine.

Mobile Bending Cell - Easy programming with BySoft CAM Robot

Flexibly applicable Choose the right configuration

The automatic bending cell is available in three sizes. You can choose from seven power levels with a press capacity of 50 to 300 tons. The robot can handle payloads of up to 130 kilograms and can be equipped with different gripper systems.

Benefit from our fully automated sheet metal bending for beginners. 

Technical specifications

Technical specifications All information on the ByCell Bend Smart

 ByCell Bend Smart 20ByCell Bend Smart 80ByCell Bend Smart 130
Max. part size approx.1000 x 800 mm2500 x 1250 mm3000 x 1500 mm
Part weight approx.8 kg45 kg70 kg
Robot payload20 kg80 kg130 kg
Length linear axis robot (option)4 m5 m5 m
Max. sheet metal stack height approx.1200, 1400 mm1000, 1300 mm1000, 1300 mm
Max. stack height bend parts approx.1200, 1400 mm1000, 1300 mm1000, 1300 mm
Number of gripper stations (option)555
Air supply6 bar6 bar6 bar
Tonnage Pressbrake50, 80 t100, 160, 225 t225, 300 t
Bending length1050, 2100 mm3100, 4100 mm3100, 4100 mm
Dimension (L*W*H)5579 x 4749 x 2330 mm7637 x 7724 x 2490 mm7637 x 7724 x 2490 mm

Highlights Fast and cost-effective: Your first step to fully automated bending technology

ByCell Bend Smart - Title

Individual configuration

You can choose from seven levels of press capacity (50 to 300 tons), three sizes with different robot carrying capacities (20 to 130 kilograms), and various gripper systems.

Bending Cell - High quality

Reliable technology

The proven bending technology of the ByBend Smart press brake delivers maximum quality from the first part to the last.

Video preview Bending Cell - Performance range

Plenty of room to maneuver

The intelligent layout of the bending cell offers a large working area for more flexibility for bulky parts. Together with automatic gripper changing, this leads to increased productivity.

ByVision Bending control touchscreen

Comfortable operation

In addition to the beginner-friendly offline programming with BySoft CAM Robot, the intuitive user interface of ByVision Robot enables smooth workflows on the machine.

Do you have questions about the ByCell Bend Smart or getting started with automation? We are happy to advise you!


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ByCare packages

Our trained service experts ensure efficient production processes and safety for your employees. Depending on the challenge, we offer packages with basic to all-around services.

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We analyze your production and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on this information, you can optimize processes and decrease downtime.

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Our services

We maintain and repair your Bystronic systems. Optionally, you can obtain upgrades to retrofit your system or accessories to fine-tune your machines. Upon request, we can also perform a general overhaul.

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Software BySoft Cell Control Bend: For automated sheet metal bending

The ByCell Bend Smart is linked to our BySoft CAM suite. This offers support for all process steps. The ByVision Robot software offers an intuitive user interface for simple operation. It ensures smooth processes and thus optimizes your production.

Further digitalizes the sheet metal processing industry and provides simplification, transparency, and efficiency: the all-new BySoft Suite.

BySoft Suite Software for efficient processes

The future of sheet processing lies in networked, intelligent production. Bystronic software digitalizes and connects your entire company in order to optimally control your production.

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