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Laser Automation Automate your laser cutting systems

Productivity & efficiency Optimize your laser cutting system with laser automation

Our automation solutions represent the highest power and quality. Rely on a fully automatic sheet loading process with weight control on the lift and monitoring for tilted parts during sheet metal unloading. For reliable and safe automated production.

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ByTrans Modular - Title

ByTrans Modular

Highly flexible loading and unloading automation solution for laser systems
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The fully automated sorting system for your laser cutting machine.
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ByTrans & ByTrans Extended

Intelligent loading and unloading system for automation with laser cutting
Byloader - Title


Loading automation system for efficient sheet metal handling
ByTower - Title


The flexible and compact storage tower for lightly-manned manufacturing
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ByTower Compact

Automated loading and unloading for laser automation from Bystronic

Do you have questions about laser automation at Bystronic? We are happy to help you with the next step.



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ByCut Star 4020
ByStar Fiber 3015
ByStar Fiber 4020
BySmart Fiber 3015
BySmart Fiber 4020

Features All laser automation functions at a glance


The sorting of individual parts and improved sheet separation with fanning magnets ensure high-quality production. With the use of scratch-free forks and plastic sheet separators, your manufactured parts are well protected from any scratch or contamination.


Our Bystronic solutions for laser automation keep your material flow flexible. We ensure this through large parts removal, plastic sheets, and other external loading and sorting options. In addition, we offer many module extensions (e.g., a conveyor belt), storage solutions, and layout possibilities. 


One user experience for all our laser automation products. That is what Bystronic offers. Depending on the product, automated production is possible. Our software solutions are intuitive to operate, even without prior experience.

Ready for the future

Separate work and safety zones improve "no stop" production. The use of residual sheet management makes a valuable contribution to sustainable production.

Production without worries

Various control functions enable reliable automated production. Cleverly designed forks, suction cups, and air blowers ensure your sheet metal parts are loaded and unloaded with care. 


Our machines with laser automation can be adjusted according to your needs. This is ensured by different layout possibilities and storage solutions. You can therefore work purposefully toward your success. 

Our specialists are happy to support you. We can answer all your questions about laser automation.