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Produktionsmitarbeiter und Frau blicken auf Tablet mit eProactive Service

Machine condition monitoring With eProactive Service

Maximum technical availability Continuous analysis with eProactive Service

Ensure the maximum technical availability of your Bystronic system through machine condition monitoring. This service networks your system with our cloud-based Care Console, where data is continuously collected and analyzed. That is how we identify your machine's needs in advance and proactively inform you when service activity is required.

eProactive Service is available for laser cutting systems with an SSC V2.2 cutting head or higher.

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Your benefits With machine condition monitoring

Increased production security

Through the continuous condition monitoring and analysis of your machines, you can intervene at the right time and take appropriate measures. This improves the reliability of production.

Shorter repair times thanks to digital cause analysis

Through digital analysis, the mean time to repair and recovery (MTTR) is shortened. It also allows for insight into the machine history.

More efficient processes for repair

In general, you benefit from an improvement in the efficiency of repair processes. Direct recommendations reduce the expenditure for analysis and planning.

Optimization recommendations

You increase your productivity through maximum technical availability and recommendations for the optimization of machine use.

Would you also like to benefit from machine condition monitoring with eProactive Service? 

Our services for you

We want the condition monitoring of Bystronic machines to run smoothly for our customers. For this reason, we take care of the following with eProactive Service:

  • The connection of your machine to the BySoft Insight Cloud. We also perform a remote installation of the data platform on your server.
  • Continuous data collection and analysis by our Bystronic experts.
  • Reliable, proactive contact as soon as a need for action arises.
  • Recommendations for action based on condition monitoring. This includes preventive maintenance work on machines, machine handling, and training.
  • Your own access to the dashboard with a production KPI overview (BySoft Insight Work Center Console).
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