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Smart Factory Vision

Smart Factory Networked for sheet metal processing

Bystronic Smart Factory

Prepared for industry 4.0 thanks to networking  

Start optimizing your manufacturing processes today with a view to digital production:

  • top-of-the-range machines
  • automated production cells
  • the fully integrated Smart Factory of tomorrow

With Bystronic, this is accomplished step by step. Because: Our scalable solutions grow with your requirements.

Smart Factory vision

Smart Factory vision

Fully automated and integrated

In the age of Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) the world is changing and with it our business environment: 

  • volatile markets
  • decreasing batch sizes
  • increasing product diversity
  • shorter throughput times

All of this requires new approaches for the sheet metal processing sector.

At Bystronic, we have outlined our vision of a fully automated and integrated Smart Factory. In doing so, we want to help you overcome these challenges and sustainably secure your competitive advancement.

Smart Factory Vision
Smart Factory solution

Smart Factory solution

From analysis to your individual overall approach

Whatever your vision, together we will plan and implement your networked production environment step by step. With our scalable system solutions, we combine machines, automation, and software. As a result, we create a flexible network of intelligent components.

  1. Every solution starts with an analysis of your specific situation in your production environment. 
  2. Together, we work out an overall approach for the future material and data flow of your Smart Factory. We thus ensure that all components are seamlessly coordinated.
  3. We automate and network all your processes relating to sheet metal processing.
Video Preview Smart Factory Solution
Smart Factory support

Smart Factory support

We are there for you through every phase

Our experienced solution experts work with you to design and implement your solution project. We support and advise you through five phases, including corresponding milestones, with 100% customer focus:

  1. Pre-Project Phase – from current state & target business goals to a customized solution design
  2. Preparation Phase – from kickoff to final layout
  3. Implementation – from delivery to installation
  4. Commissioning – including customer acceptance tests
  5. Productive Start – support in production, including optimization

Our global service team offers you tailor-made plans for maintenance and service packages – for a long and reliable service life of your Smart Factory.

We are happy to advise you on questions about a Smart Factory for your enterprise. 


Video Smart Factory

Smart Factory Support

Highlights from the video

Seamless integration

With our scalable system solutions, we combine machines, automation, and software. We thus create a flexible Smart Factory with intelligent components.


Accelerate your production process and workflows. This way, you are always a step ahead of your customers' increasing demands.


Thanks to its centralized control of your networked components, the Bystronic software suite offers you full transparency – at any time and from anywhere.

Customer Success Story SwissFactory.Group: Dual Factory: Two Factories under One Roof

The Swiss contract manufacturer SwissFactory.Group has introduced new structures and, in particular, significantly modernized the sheet metal processing division of its subsidiary Stoppani Metal Systems. 

Now the implementation of a special kind of Smart Factory is sought, where people work during the day and machines work at night. This digital factory is to run production fully automatically and autonomously, guaranteeing international competitiveness for Stoppani. 

Bystronic was the only provider able to meet these requirements.

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Smart Factory Stoppani

BySoft Suite The Smart Factory software

The BySoft Suite is the complete software ecosystem that turns the Smart Factory into a reality. The cloud-based system offers you full transparency – at any time and from anywhere.

With the BySoft Suite you:

  • promote agility and acceleration in your business
  • increase your capacity
  • reduce the time you spend preparing quotes, orders, bills of delivery, invoices, and more

The Bystronic software suite allows you to make more agile decisions to adapt your enterprise to changing conditions.

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Further digitalizes the sheet metal processing industry and provides simplification, transparency, and efficiency: The BySoft Suite Software.

Customer Success Story Haslach Gruppe: Optimized Production Processes

With its Smart Factory, the Haslach Group is moving in the direction of Industry 4.0. They are relying on automation as a tool for employees

The goal is to: 

  • speed up,
  • simplify and
  • make production processes more ergonomic.

Bystronic was the only supplier to fully meet Haslach Group`s  requirements with its automation solutions.

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Smart Factory Haslach