News Backstage Lab: Sustainability at center stage

We are launching a new digital event: The Bystronic Backstage Lab. Dedicated to help our customers win with our energy- and resource-efficient solutions and aimed at inspiring to go fully circular.

The future is circular

Skyrocketing energy prices, volatile resource markets, and global supply chain constraints paired with dying ecosystems, biodiversity loss, and ever-rising social inequalities are major challenges for our planet, our society and our economic system. The circular economy offers a business rationale that restores resilience and regenerates natural capital.

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Utopia in practice

Closing the material circle sounds logical in theory. But we live in a highly complex, interdependent, and global world. What do we need to put the utopia of a circular economy into practice and how can we ensure we get there? New business models, innovative materials, circular design, and flexible production offer concepts and guidelines for the transition towards a circular economy. Anders Breitholz, a radical circular economy evangelist and material designer will take center stage at Backstage Lab.

The circular product

How can materials be processed, merged, and used sustainably? Where do the resources come from and what happens to them at the end of the products’ service life? König + Neurath presents their ongoing journey towards circularity, sharing valuable insight into their values, customer perspective, and success stories, but also into their challenges and lessons learned.

Co-creating business impact

As a global leader in the sheet metal processing industry, Bystronic is mobilizing its own industry to become fully circular. Beyond this, Bystronic’s software and service landscape enables its customers to drive the transformation forward in many other industries. The company has recognized that cooperation and partnerships are key to the success and rapid implementation of circularity for business impact. Our Michael Präger, ESG/sustainability officer, will give you insights on why sustainability needs be firmly implemented into our mindsets.

* the event will be in English language

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