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Jeszcze bardziej cyfryzuje branżę obróbki blach i zapewnia uproszczenie, przejrzystość i wydajność: całkowicie nowy pakiet BySoft Suite.

BySoft Suite The Software to enable the digitalization of sheet metal companies

Bystronic Software

Do you want more integrated and transparent process management in your sheet metal business? Would you like to respond to the needs of your customers faster and more accurately? If yes, we have a solution for you: our BySoft Suite.

The future lies in interoperability. 

Benefit from a complete ecosystem. With our powerful Bystronic software suite, you can interconnect different levels:

  • in your own company 
  • at your suppliers 
  • at your customers

The result: you optimize your supply chain and provide a better service for your customers. 

BySoft Suite - BySoft Insight  Work Center Console

Increase efficiency

through the digitalization of your operations 
With BySoft Suite you digitalize your company. Connect all levels of your business and obtain complete transparency and control – from quotation to delivery. Control everything digitally and increase your efficiency.


every system with every machine
To become a digitalized business, you need software that interfaces with pre-existing systems. Bystronic’s BySoft Suite has been developed to enable integration with systems and machines from third party providers. 

Daily work becomes easier

especially for your staff
Our software is designed to strengthen the capabilities of its users. Digitalization frees the user from repetitive tasks. It allows them to concentrate on work that adds value and contributes to faster decision making.

Digitalize your business with Bystronic’s Software BySoft Suite and profit from efficient processes. 

Gain complete control of your business

From quotation generation to delivery of the end product, data is generated in different systems and at different levels. Analysis of this data provides information to continuously improve processes and make data-driven decisions.

BySoft Suite is involved at every stage:

  • from the quotation process,
  • and the start of the production order
  • to the synchronization on the shop floor 
  • through to the delivery 
  • and invoicing of the customer. 

The BySoft Suite thus covers the entire end-to-end process.

BySoft Suite end-to-end Loop
100 % integration

100 % integration Link all areas of your business

In an interconnected company, all areas of the business cooperate with each other, and with supplier and customer systems. This is how you optimize your supply chain.

BySoft Suite Layers
BySoft Suite Layers
BySoft Suite families

The BySoft Suite families Together we will find the solution that best fits your business.

Icon BySoft Insight

BySoft Insight

analyzes historical data and provides valuable information about your business.  With BySoft Insight, you can:

  • Analyze data of individual machines or cells 
  • Obtain an overview of the performance of the entire production process 
  • See the entire end-to-end cycle. 
Icon BySoft Business

BySoft Business

The software is the backbone of the seamless flow of data in a smart factory. This Bystronic-system is based on one of the most popular digital operating platforms used by small and mid-sized companies. There are already thousands of customers all over the world. 

Icon BySoft Shop Floor

BySoft Shop Floor

is responsible for the operation of the shop floor and integrates business data with production data. The software knows what happens in every machine and defines detailed plans and processes.  It sends commands to the systems and receives responses about the individual process steps. 

icon BySoft CAD

BySoft CAD

Our software allows you to work with your 3D-CAD data in whichever way you prefer.  In general, the product families allow the import and processing of all types of 3D-CAD data. 

Icon BySoft CAM

BySoft CAM

enables the efficient and intuitive development of cutting plans for laser cutting machines, as well as the bending plans and tube laser plans. The integrated parts and the order manager help you to always have an overview of your data at hand.

Icon BySoft Cell Control

BySoft Cell Control

The solution offers:

  • status monitoring
  • device or cell control 
  • real-time network communication with the machinery, the manufacturing process and everyone working in the cell 

Video Get support for your everyday business with software from Bystronic

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