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Metal treatment for the automotive industry Intelligent solutions for complex, reliable automotive engineering components

Innovative metal processing for growing automotive requirements

At Bystronic, we continuously strive to drive innovation in sheet metal and metal processing. 

Our laser cutting machines, tube lasers, press brakes, automation systems and software solutions enable you to process a wide variety of materials. 

Your advantages

  • We offer you the support you need to manufacture complex automotive components precisely and efficiently.
  • Increase the performance and efficiency of your production.
  • Meet the automotive industry's stringent requirements for lightweight construction, complexity and safety.
VDL Smart Factory

Remaining competitive with automation

By automating manufacturing processes, you increase efficiency and reduce costs at the same time.

Laser cutting head cuts through thick sheet metal

Quality all along the production line

Ensuring high quality standards is critical to ensuring vehicle safety. Our machines do it for you. 

BySort grippers removing cut parts from a sheet metal

Complex designs and new materials

With Bystronic machines, demanding shapes and geometries are possible without any problems. They also create new metal alloys effortlessly.

You offer metal processing for the automotive industry? We help you achieve higher quality and more efficient production.

How you can profit with Bystronic

Innovative manufacturing solutions

Our innovative machines support the production of complex body components that meet the constantly changing requirements of automotive engineering.

Sustainable production

With Bystronic you can achieve your sustainability goals. Our energy-efficient machines reduce the ecological footprint and contribute to the environmentally friendly production of vehicles.

Strengthen competitiveness

Rely on efficient manufacturing processes, precise results and the option of lightly-manned or unmanned production. This makes it possible to deliver high-quality vehicle components on time and to hold your own in a highly competitive market.

Individual solutions for your automotive requirements

Laser cutting machines

Cut precise car body parts from various sheets with up to 30 kW laser power. Benefit from high cutting speed and intelligent cutting process to meet automotive requirements.

High-precision laser cutting machine in operation for machine laser cutting tasks.

Tube laser

Process piping, exhaust systems and frame structures, etc. precisely and energy-efficiently. Our tube lasers use 2D and 3D technology for precise metal processing while reducing maintenance.

ByTube Star 130 tube laser

Press Brake

Bend body parts and chassis components effortlessly with our high-performance press brakes. Easy operation and intuitive software enable reliable results in terms of strength, shape, aesthetics and quality.

State-of-the-art CNC press brakes in operation at our manufacturing facility - press brake manufacturer.

Laser automation

Our laser automation offers high precision and repeatability. Benefit from automatic sheet metal loading process and part verification during unloading. Stay competitive with reliable automated production

Man looking at a metal sheet

Bending automation

Optimize bending processes with automatic tool change and precise control. Minimize material costs to meet the demands of the automotive industry.

a man touching a robot machine

Would you like to learn more about Bystronic metalworking products and how you can use them in automotive manufacturing? We will be happy to help you.

Important materials for automotive construction

In automotive engineering, the specific material requirements are highly dependent on individual customer requirements and designs. However, the following materials are used particularly frequently in this industry:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
Materials, Steel/General (Unsplash, Christophe Dion)

Reorientation at VW towards e-mobility with bending machines from Bystronic

"The entire bending process takes exactly 76 seconds. It's a real pleasure to watch the robots bend."

Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen

Read the Success Story
Production in Zwickau will be ramped up gradually. In autumn, full capacity utilisation is reached in assembly hall 5 with 800 units.

Get Bystronic at your side as a partner. We advise you and bring your company into the future of automotive engineering.

Our promise to you

With Bystronic as your reliable partner in automotive engineering, you are always one step ahead when it comes to technology and innovation!

Our dedicated Bystronic Service is at your side in every situation. We solve your challenges quickly and specifically so that you can concentrate on your core business.

In the automotive industry in particular, precise metalworking is crucial for the necessary safety. Trust in us when it comes to maximum precision.

Discover our service portfolio
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Software Solutions

Increase digitalization in automotive engineering with BySoft Suite. Our comprehensive software family offers customized solutions for every requirement.

Stay in control - from individual machines to the entire production line.

To the software solutions
BySoft Suite - Man operating a tube laser machine