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Industries, Mechanical engineering (Unsplash, Bruno Mira)

Metalworking in the construction of machinery, equipment and production lines Efficient solutions from Bystronic with Swiss quality

State-of-the-art equipment 

The construction of machines, plants, and production lines requires the highest precision and quality. At Bystronic, we understand the needs of this demanding industry and offer you innovative solutions for modern metalworking. 


Optimize your manufacturing processes and achieve your production goals. Our wide range of laser cutting machines, tube lasers, press brakes, automation technologies and customized software will help you. 


Your advantages: 

  • Cost savings and environmental sustainability 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Automation solutions for unmanned or low manpower production  
  • Excellent manufacturing quality, regardless of the material selected 


Since 1986, customers worldwide have relied on Bystronic to benefit from quality, innovation, expertise, and our outstanding service. 

Bystronic Service Fit for the future

Intelligent technologie

With customized software, you retain full control over your production and can quickly identify and rectify any errors that occur.  

person holding two metal parts which were cut with a fiber laser

Highest performance

Process sheet metal with a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, with unsurpassed precision and reliability, regardless of the material used.

VDL Smart Factory

Ready for automation

All our machines are designed for automation, from entry-level to high-performance models.

We are experts in the field of metalworking and are happy to help you increase your productivity. 

How you can profit with Bystronic

Increase in productivity

Processing large components in high volumes requires powerful machines. With our solutions, we increase your production capacities and optimize your processes. Modern software solutions and automation also ensure your competitiveness. 

Cost optimization

The industry around the construction of machines, plants and production lines is highly competitive. Products must be manufactured on time and cost-efficiently. A fiber laser from Bystronic results in lower energy costs compared to a CO2 laser. Our high-quality machines also ensure precise processing. The result: faster production of quality products and more efficient use of the material.  

Precision and complexity

In plant and mechanical engineering and the manufacture of production lines, maximum precision and quality are essential in metalworking. The manufactured parts must meet the given specifications exactly, as they are used in complex machines and plants. Our precision machines help you to achieve this. 

Comprehensive support

You can rely on our Bystronic Service. We offer high-performance solutions for mechanical and plant engineering that are also suitable for beginners in the field of metalworking with a limited budget. We are also at your side when it comes to financing. 

Individual solutions for your metalworking requirements in the construction of machinery and equipment

Laser cutting machines

Cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper and brass precisely with our fiber lasers. Even our entry-level model offers an impressive power of up to 15 kW. 

High-precision laser cutting machine in operation for machine laser cutting tasks.

Tube laser

Our high-end tube lasers with 2D and 3D laser cutting technology process materials in a wide range of sizes. They reduce energy consumption and maintenance at the same time. 

ByTube Star 130 tube laser

Press Brake

Bystronic's bending technology offers the right solution for every need - from the entry-level package to the high-performance press brake for complex bending processes. Simple operation and intuitive software are included. 

State-of-the-art CNC press brakes in operation at our manufacturing facility - press brake manufacturer.

Laser automation

Experience the fully automated process of sheet metal loading. Trust in our reliable automated production. 

Man looking at a metal sheet

Bending automation

Save time and costs with partially or fully automated processes in metalworking. Our solutions range from automatic tool change to versatile bending centers. 

a man touching a robot machine

Would you like more information about individual products and how they can be integrated into your production? We will be happy to help you. 

Materials for metalworking in mechanical and plant engineering

At Bystronic, our machines process a wide range of materials: 

  • Steel 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Aluminum 
  • Copper 
  • Brass 
  • Titanium 

This enables a wide range of product options and application possibilities. 

Materials, Steel/General (Unsplash, Christophe Dion)

Air filter in the fight against Covid with machines from Bystronic

"We particularly appreciate the flexibility of Bystronic machines. After all, we are a toll manufacturer and a lot of things are cut to order. Here we rely on configurations that can be adapted reliably at short notice."

Olaf Rautner and Erwin Stuiber, Managing Directors at Schnittpunkt 

Read the Success Story
Schnittpunkt Germany (ByWorld)

Get Bystronic at your side as a partner. We advise you and lead your company into the future of metalworking.  

Our promise to you

Walk confidently into the future with Bystronic as a reliable partner at your side! 


Thanks to flexible financing options and our Basic Care Package, you receive a comprehensive production analysis for planning downtime. 


Our beginner-friendly models are modular and can be expanded at any time with upgrades such as new cutting heads, improved nozzles and safety as well as software solutions. 

Discover our service portfolio
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Software solutions

Digitize your processes with BySoft Suite. Our comprehensive software family offers the right tool for every need. 

Keep track of everything - from individual machines to the entire production. 

To the software solutions
BySoft Suite - Man operating a tube laser machine