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Industries, Building technology (Unsplash, Dan Meyers)

Building technology Sheet metal working machines for air conditioning, heating and ventilation

The right solution for every area in building technology

In the manufacture of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, the production of components must be particularly precise. This is the only way to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

We support you in optimizing your production with laser cutting machines, tube lasers, press brakes, automation and suitable software.

Your advantages

  • Increase efficiency by optimizing processes and shortening lead times. You increase your productivity and save time.
  • Reduce material costs with exact cutting.
  • Benefit from lower energy costs with state-of-the-art technology.

Rely on Swiss quality, know-how and first-class service with Bystronic.

Bending tools / press brake tooling

Highest precision

With highly developed laser technology and many years of expertise, Bystronic develops holistic system solutions that enable precise laser cutting.

close up of a tube laser cutter, cutting a round profile

Flexible and versatile

Process housings, covers, ventilation ducts and pipes in all thicknesses and sizes for building technology systems, regardless of the material.

ByBend Smart press brake machine: Fast, precise, with smart options

Save costs

Precise cuts, reduced material consumption and lower energy costs make your production more sustainable.

We are happy to answer all your questions about our machines for the production of your ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning.

How you can benefit from Bystronic

Optimization of the production process

High cutting speeds and precise bending enable optimum utilization and efficient production. Automated sequences contribute to the optimization of the production process.

Training and support

Bystronic offers training and technical support to ensure that operators use the machines and system solutions optimally and maximize precision. This contributes to more effective production of your air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment and reduced downtime.

Low-manned to manless production

Our automation solutions enable low-manpower operation. But a simple change to manual processing is possible at any time. 

Quality and reliability

Our system solutions are the result of careful quality controls and intensive development. The many years of experience and the specialist knowledge of our experts additionally contribute to the fact that Bystronic is synonymous with the highest quality and reliability.

Individual solutions for your requirements for the building technology

Laser cutting machines

Our smart machines enable precise cuts and complex patterns and shapes in metal cladding. You also benefit from low operating costs and low maintenance.

High-precision laser cutting machine in operation for machine laser cutting tasks.

Tube lasers

With high-end tube lasers you achieve the highest accuracy when cutting specific shapes and lengths for heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation. As a result, you achieve perfect performance as well as smooth connections and transitions between the various pipe elements.

ByTube Star 130 tube laser

Press brakes

Bystronic press brakes guarantee the optimum fit of bent parts thanks to exact repeatability. Simple operability allows even beginners to carry out complex bending processes. 

State-of-the-art CNC press brakes in operation at our manufacturing facility - press brake manufacturer.

Laser automation

Rely on a fully automatic sheet loading process with weight control at the elevator. When unloading the sheets, the tilted parts are checked to ensure reliable production. 

There are also numerous module extensions, storage solutions and layout options.

Man looking at a metal sheet

Bending automation

By implementing automated or semi-automated systems, your team members can use their valuable time for more important tasks. Conveyor belt systems and automatic tool and gripper changes make a valuable contribution to worry-free production.

The bending cells are modular and can be adapted to your needs. 

a man touching a robot machine

Would you like to learn more about individual products and how you can integrate them into your production? We are happy to assist you.

Important materials for building technology

Cut and bend the following materials for your heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
Materials, Steel/General (Unsplash, Christophe Dion)

Corona Pandemic ventilators manufactured on a Bystronic laser cutting system.

"Our partnership with Bystronic is very good. They support us, meet our requirements and provide the right quality. I am sure that the next machine will also be one from Bystronic."

Tony Haddad, Managing Director, Technica

Read the Success Story
The founder and pioneer Tony Haddad on his own basketball court. Building a ventilator for his country is a matter close to his heart.

Get Bystronic as your partner. We are happy to advise you.

Our promise to you

Bystronic is your reliable partner for laser cutting machines, press brakes, tube lasers and software. Our service specialists advise you directly on site and take care of the maintenance of your Bystronic machines and system solutions.

Our many years of experience and intensive development are reflected in our products. So you can rely on machines, system solutions and the right software to get you ready for the future. Increase your production speed to meet customer requirements without compromising on quality.

Rely on our Bystronic Service experts.

Explore our service portfolio
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Software solutions

Bystronic BySoft Suite provides you with efficient and integrated process management: 

  • easier programming and control of your machines and system solutions
  • compatible with your existing systems
  • full overview of individual machines up to the entire production

Our software family offers the right tool for every requirement. 

To the software solutions
BySoft Suite - Man operating a tube laser machine