News New ByBend Smart: Faster and more precise with even more options

The new ByBend Smart from Bystronic increases the flexibility and in particular the speed of bending. Thanks to its numerous functions and options, the new machine offers the decisive plus in bending technology at an attractive price.

ByBend Smart offers innovative bending technology and numerous new functions at an affordable price. This is its recipe for success. From the very onset, Bystronic designed this press brake to offer a performance package with intelligent functions that enable users to produce parts in high quality and at low cost.


Enjoy more flexibility

One of the ByBend Smart’s flexibility-enhancing features is the “Daylight and Stroke Expansion”. This feature, which is available with the purchase of a new machine, extends the daylight and stroke from 18.9 to 22.9 inch. The additional 3.94 inch boosts the ByBend Smart’s flexibility by as much as 30 percent because this means that it can use taller tools, enabling users to produce parts with taller bending sides. This is particularly useful when bending boxes and drawers.

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Efficiency Booster and Energy Saver options

“Efficiency Booster” option increases not only the bending speed, but also the ram retract speed by up to 20 percent over conventional ram retract speeds. “Energy Saver” option: The machine’s main drive is only active when the machine is actually in operation, reducing energy consumption by 40 percent.


“Fast Bend M” option

The “Fast Bend M Safety System” option consists of a laser safety system that allows the upper beam to move almost all the way to the part that is being processed at the rapid movement speed. The high-precision laser sensor allows the ByBend Smart’s control to reduce the upper beam’s speed from up to 7.0 inch per second (rapid movement speed) to 0.74 inch per second (bending speed) just before reaching the metal sheet. The laser safety system functions like an intelligent brake assistant that permits the machine to move at a higher speed for longer. This offers users a speed advantage of up to 30 percent.


“Electric Lifting Aid” option

During the bending process, the “Electric Lifting Aid” option increases material handling flexibility and operator ergonomics for large parts up to 220 lbs per unit. The control synchronizes the movement of the lifting aids with the actual bending process and the vertical movement of the upper beam.


Intelligent “ByVision Bending” control for simple operation

When it comes to bending technology, simple operation is a key factor for many users. Load the bending plan, set up the machine, and start bending – this is precisely what the ByBend Smart and the “ByVision Bending” user interface offer. ByVision Bending is included in the ByBend Smart’s basic version. Operators launch all the bending processes with just a few swipes of the finger on a 22-inch touch screen. ByVision Bending has an extensive database that includes the parameters for all the common types of sheet metal and bending tools. Depending on the material thickness and bending angle, the user interface determines the ideal bending process and suggests the suitable tools.


“Active Hydraulic Crowning” feature

The “Active Hydraulic Crowning” feature ensures high-precision air bending results. This unique function is only available in this form with press brakes from Bystronic. Thanks to extremely accurate pressure sensors, the ByBend Smart’s control system, the ByVision Bending, recognizes the parts length and position as well as other material properties. The ByVision Bending control enables the ByBend Smart to automatically ensure the ideal distribution of the bending force across the entire bending length without requiring the operator to deal with complicated details. This results in precise and consistent angles across the entire bending length.


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