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ByCut Smart, ByTrans Extended, and ByBend 80 with Mobile Bending Cell

Passion for Sheet Metal Bystronic at FABTECH Canada

Bystronic presents innovative solutions for your fabricating challenges. Welcome to FABTECH Canada - Booth 7001

With a “Passion for Sheet Metal,” Bystronic offers a range of innovative cutting, bending, and software solutions that accelerate productivity and help enterprises remain competitive in an increasingly tough manufacturing environment. 

During FABTECH Canada, the ‘all-new’ ByCut Smart 3015 with a sleek, modern design, high-power 15kW fiber laser, and flexible ByTrans Extended 3015 automated material handling system, will be introduced. 

ByCut Smart 3015 with front and side door access open

All-New ByCut Smart fiber laser cutter with 15kW laser power, MixGas cutting technology, and automated material handling will be introduced.

With the new ByCut Smart, fabricators will benefit from a range of laser powers with a broad application spectrum for processing thin-to-medium ferrous and non-ferrous metals with superior cutting quality. 

With its unique blend of nitrogen and oxygen, Bystronic MixGas cutting technology is a game-changer. See how cutting with MixGas increases efficiency, enhances cutting quality at higher speeds, and optimizes production costs. 

ByTrans Extended 3015

ByTrans Extended - An intelligent solution for loading and unloading of laser cutting system.

Optimize your laser cutting system with the ByTrans Extended compact material handling system, the intelligent solution for the loading and unloading of Bystronic laser cutting systems. Yield greater profits through higher machine utilization, process efficiency, expanded operations and reduced labor costs. The short cycle time ensures greater overall throughput.

ByBend Star 80 with Mobile Bending Cell

ByBend Star 80 is a compact solution for automated and manual bending that supports today's fluctuating lot sizes and varying part complexities.

The compact, flexible, high-speed ByBend Star 80 press brake will also be shown. In minutes, it can be expanded into a Mobile Bending Cell for on-demand automation in confined spaces. Bending large series fully automatically and complex small series manually allows you to stay flexible and make decisions depending on your needs. BySoft CAM Robot software in combination with BySoft Cell Control Bend enables simple programming.

Adopting new technology best practices can differentiate your business.

To learn more about the range of cutting, bending, automation, and software solutions offered by Bystronic Canada or to visit our Toronto Customer Experience Center, please complete the below form.

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