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Automatic bending machine Automate your press brakes

Productivity & efficiency Optimize your press brakes

Our solutions for automatic bending machine represent the highest precision and bend accuracy. Save time and money with fully or partially automated processing for your press brakes. 

Elevate your production efficiency with Bystronic's Bending Cell, the ultimate solution for automated sheet metal bending. Our advanced bending press technology delivers unmatched precision in your automatic sheet metal bending machine operations.
Modular Tool Changer - Title

Modular Tool Changer

Automatic tool change for press brakes
Mobile Bending Cell - Title

Mobile Bending Cell

Automated press brake in confined spaces
An industrial hydraulic bending machine in use, demonstrating its capability to bend heavy-duty sheet metal with precision and efficiency.

Bending Cell

The all-round worry-free automatic sheet metal bending machine

Questions about automatic bending machine for your press brakes? We are happy to help you with the next step.


Features Overview of all automatic bending machine functions


With the help of the BySoft Cell Control system, you have an overview of the entire production. Combined with precise and material-friendly tools, the quality of your produced parts is assured.


The flexible layout of the bending cell can be customized to your needs. The modular tool changer and automatic tool storage offer the ability to efficiently set-up and remove tools.


Our press brakes with automatic bending machine can be easily programmed offline. Conveyor belt systems and automatic tool and gripper changing free up time for your employees to complete other tasks. 

Ready for the future

The automated and thus more efficient processes save you resources, like electricity and materials. 

Production without worries

Thanks to autonomously functioning machines, you and your employees can rest assured that all processes are running safely and with the highest quality. 


Our machines adjust to the realities of your company and your needs, so you can work purposefully toward your success.   

Our specialists are happy to support you. We can answer all your questions about automatic bending machine.