ByTrans 4020 Extended
ByTrans 4020 Extended
The right automation solution for 4 by 2 meter format laser cutting systems. Here in combination with a ByAutonom 4020.

ByTrans 4020 Extended: Large-format automation

Январь 2015


Bystronic has been offering 4020-format laser cutting systems for quite some time. With the ByTrans 4020 Extended, a compatible and astonishingly versatile automation solution is now also available.

Bystronic is expanding the existing ByTrans Extended automation module with the 4020 format. This means that the loading and unloading unit is now also available for laser cutting systems that process 4 by 2 meter metal sheets.

"The expansion to the larger format makes sense and supports the growing trend towards automation," explains Mario Duppenthaler, Product Manager for Laser and Automation. With ByTrans 4020 Extended, users considerably increase the material flow of their laser cutting processes. This automation unit handles the entire loading and unloading process on the shuttle table of the laser cutting system.

As Mario Duppenthaler explains, this greatly simplifies working with the 4 by 2 meter sheet size, because from a certain range of thicknesses, metal sheets in this format are difficult to handle manually. The ByTrans 4020 Extended requires only 75 seconds to set up and unload the cutting table.

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