Leading through innovation.
Leading through innovation.
In an interview, Assistant Managing Director Matthias Straubhaar explained what this new 3D technology offers.
Expanded production options.
Expanded production options.
Aarwangen-based Waterjet AG is one of the largest companies in Switzerland using waterjet cutting.

«3D cutting brings more value added»

Август 2015


Combining 2D and 3D technology on a single machine platform. Waterjet AG is expanding its production options with the flexible technology of the ByJet Flex.

Aarwangen-based Waterjet AG is one of the largest companies in Switzerland using waterjet cutting. More than 30 such systems are in use in its factory buildings, including a ByJet Flex 2030 from Bystronic. Recently, the machine was outfitted with two brand-new 3D cutting heads.  

Mr. Straubhaar, you recently began using the new 3D cutting head from Bystronic. Why? Our goal is to be a leader through innovation. That’s something our customers expect from us. And if there’s a new 3D technology for waterjet cutting out there, then naturally we want to be on board.

So innovation is your philosophy? It’s more than that. We’re also talking about increasing our profits. In the waterjet cutting business, the potential for growth lies primarily in new application areas. And these are made possible by technological innovations like the ByJet Flex, for example, which we can now expand to 3D applications.

What type of work are you doing with the 3D cutting head on the ByJet Flex? We’re using the 3D cutting head for the same parts that are already being cut using 2D technology, i.e., steel, aluminum, brass, plastic and composite materials. There are no restrictions here. In terms of material thickness, too, we have lots of flexibility.

What role does this flexibility play in your day to day operations? Flexibility is key. With the ByJet Flex, we have one platform for two different technologies: 2D and 3D applications. By simply replacing the cutting head, we can adapt to a larger range of jobs – with a single machine.

How often do you alternate between the 2D and 3D cutting heads? We switch cutting heads whenever we have enough orders pending. For example, we’ll cut 3D parts for 4 to 5 days, then switch.

Does cutting 3D parts require more expertise? The pre-cutting process is more time-consuming. But therein lies the advantage of the technology. 3D cutting offers more value added than 2D-only applications. The expertise we are gaining in this area is helping us stand out from the competition.

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