The Xpert 40 is the Swiss pocketknife of press brakes: compact, versatile, and fast as well.
Bend three times more parts than with a large press brake. ByMotion drive control regulates the coordination between speed, precision, and power.
The Xpert 40 is a small press brake that can be easily integrated into almost any production environment.

Top speed in a small space

April 2015


Bystronic’s new Xpert 40 is the Swiss pocketknife of press brakes. This tiny speed machine lets users bend quickly and efficiently.

A typical day of bending tends to look like this: Many users bend small parts on press brakes that are far too large. Such bending requires only a third of the machine’s press capacity and bending length. This is not efficient. What these users are missing is a small, portable machine. A speedy Swiss pocketknife.

With the Xpert 40, Bystronic has designed a small, fast machine that meets those exact needs. The Xpert 40 can be easily integrated into almost any industrial environment. It makes no difference if you are involved in extensive series production with recurrent parts or in flexible job order production with fluctuating batch sizes and highly variable bent parts.

Ideal for when space is tight and capacities fluctuate

At a bending length of one meter, the Xpert 40 can deploy a press capacity of 40 tons. This small press brake has a footprint of only 2.5 square meters. In the smallest space, the Xpert 40 reaches a bending speed of up to 25 millimeters per second. This means users can bend small parts three times faster than on a large machine.

Furthermore, the Xpert 40 is portable. For example, as a fixed bending station directly adjacent to a laser cutting system, to temporarily or permanently improve the interface of the laser cutting and bending production flow.


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