• Evolution in bending

    Evolution in bending

    With the Mobile Bending Cell, Bystronic is taking the next evolutionary step in the field of bending. The Xpert 40 press brake is now available with a mobile automation module. The result is a compact solution for automated and manual bending.

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  • The reloading genius

    The reloading genius

    With the ByTrans Cross, Bystronic proves how versatile automation in the field of laser cutting can be. The new loading and unloading solution speeds up the material flow and offers the freedom for manual interventions at any time.

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  • The set-up accelerator

    The set-up accelerator

    With the new Xpert Tool Changer, Bystronic presents a compact automation solution for fast bending tool changing. This allows users to reduce the set-up time and increase bending quality.

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  • Laser Cutting at warp speed

    Laser Cutting at warp speed

    Bystronic enhances the ByStar Fiber fiber laser with new features. A brand new 10 kilowatt laser accelerates the cutting process at breathtaking speeds.

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  • Xpert 40: Now with adjustable screen

    Xpert 40: Now with adjustable screen

    Bystronic has improved the ergonomics on the Xpert 40. Now the press brake can be equipped with a height-adjustable screen.

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  • More fiber laser. No extra costs.

    More fiber laser. No extra costs.

    The new generation of the BySprint Fiber laser cutting system comes with an extended performance package. Hence Bystronic is expanding the basic version of the machine.

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  • IGEMS Bevel Manager

    IGEMS Bevel Manager

    Simple and fast programming of 3D parts for waterjet cutting using the ByJet Flex.

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  • BySprint Fiber 6520: New in XXL-format

    BySprint Fiber 6520: New in XXL-format

    Bystronic extends the BySprint Fiber to the 6520 large-format. This increases productivity in laser cutting and the variety of cutting applications.

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  • Xpert 40: New features

    Xpert 40: New features

    Bystronic now offers two new options for the Xpert 40. A bending line laser and an optical foot switch increase the versatility and ergonomics of the machine.

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  • Smart laser cutting

    Smart laser cutting

    The BySmart Fiber enables a fast entry into laser cutting. With the new fiber laser, Bystronic is offering a high-quality performance package in the medium price segment.

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