Hans Hofer manages Bigla's primary manufacturing workshop. He talks about his experience with the Xpert 40 so far.
The Xpert 40 is equipped with a modern photoelectric guard system. At Bigla the safety of the press brake operators is a top priority.

Precision air bending

July 2015


With the Xpert 40, Bigla is closing an important gap in its production portfolio. The press brake's primary benefits include its small footprint and its versatility.

Bigla develops furnishing concepts for offices and the care sector. The company, which is based in the Swiss Emmental region, focuses on innovative products and the most advanced production methods. Bigla has been using an Xpert 40 from Bystronic since December 2014.

Mr. Hofer, why did you decide to use the Xpert 40? Amongst other things, we process small bent parts out of sheet steel with thicknesses between 0.5 and 3 millimeters. These range from simple angles through to complicated parts with several bending steps. For this, we required a small and flexible press brake like the Xpert 40.

How important is bending within your manufacturing portfolio? Approximately 90 percent of our manufactured components require bending. Thus, bending is an important element.  

How does the Xpert 40 support you? The 6-axis backgauge system represents a considerable added value to us. Now, with the Xpert 40 we can process parts that previously required several tool changes in one go. This has tremendously simplified our workflow.  

What requirements do you place on a small press brake? For us, precise air bending is the key factor. Thanks to the Xpert 40's modern control, we can achieve a very high degree of air bending accuracy. It enables us to bend a variety of angles with very high precision using a single tool. With our older machines we cannot achieve this accuracy with air bending.  

Are there other decisive aspects? Safety also plays an important role. The Xpert 40 is equipped with a modern photoelectric guard system (Fast Bend E). This allows us to operate the machine quickly, but also safely.  

How is the Xpert 40 integrated into your production processes? At a fixed station between the punching and the joining stations. Here the Xpert 40 closes a gap in our production processes. In this regard, the machine's small footprint plays a central role.  

Will your production processes change in the foreseeable future? Bigla is an innovative company. Our products and their design are constantly changing. Naturally, this also has an impact on the parts we produce. This is why we require machines that can be used flexibly.

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