Ronny Retzlaff, Betriebsleiter im Bereich Wasserstrahlschneiden, spricht über die Vorteile der flexiblen 3D-Schneidköpfe.
Ronny Retzlaff präsentiert ein Musterteil, das mit der neuen 3D-Technologie auf der ByJet Flex produziert werden kann.

«3D technology is helping us increase customer loyalty»

June 2015


Genthner GmbH relies on the new 3D cutting head from Bystronic for its waterjet cutting needs. The new technology offers clear advantages over milling in the production of cut parts with beveled edges.

Genthner supplies customers in the aerospace industry with precision mechanical assemblies. The components for these assemblies are produced in Straubenhardt on systems such as the ByJet Flex 1530 from Bystronic. Recently, the precision specialist has begun working with the new 3D technology.   

Mr. Retzlaff, what was the last thing you cut using 3D technology?

It was a small aluminum part. It had internal contours with varying slopes, which made it quite complex. After a quality check, we delivered a pilot batch to a customer, who installed the part in its engines. That same customer then came back to us with a request for over 10,000 parts.   

What were the primary criteria for this contract? 

The main criteria were quality and price. Our only real option for this part was to use the 3D cutting head on the ByJet Flex. From the start, milling was never a reasonable alternative – it would have made the part too expensive for series production.   

What benefits does using the 3D cutting head on the ByJet Flex offer?

It offers a clear competitive advantage. In the past, we would use 2D technology to cut parts with beveled edges and then finish them in our mill. This cost us time and money, since it required double programming and setup – first the waterjet cutting machine and then milling machine. All of this made producing the parts time-consuming and expensive.  

And much of this is now done on the ByJet Flex?

That’s right. With the 3D cutting head on the ByJet Flex, we can now pre-bevel many edges. This eliminates the need for post-milling on these parts and makes even complex parts easier and less expensive to process. We expect an increase in the volume of orders for beveled-edge parts.

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