BystronicWorld 1.2015: Insourcing, not Outsourcing

Charles Van Zelst is an entrepreneur with strong principles.


BystronicWorld 1.2015: Insourcing, not Outsourcing

February 2015


Charles Van Zelst disapproves of outsourcing to distant countries. He sticks to his principles, even though they have occasionally cost him a customer.

Outsourcing? Never! Charles Van Zelst is a man with strong principles. A headstrong entrepreneur and extremely successful. His disapproval of outsourcing to distant countries has occasionally cost him a customer. So why does he still stick to his principles?  

In Southern Germany, nine sheet metal manufacturers are working with a Bystar and an Xpert. They are a type of small independent entreprise within a much larger company – a global leader in its industry. Who employs these nine sheet metal manufacturers who produce steel parts for the largest construction sites in the world?  

The Chinese entrepreneur Ni Lei owns a comfortable town house in Beijing. This town house, however, is nearly empty because Ni Lei much prefers to stay the night at his other apartment beyond the sixth and outermost ring road, far away on the outskirts of the city. But why?

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