Apprentices from Bystronic and Althaus present their joint project at the booth.
Technology first hand: The automation system automatically retrieves drinks and snacks from a built-in storage shelf and serves them to visitors.
Apprenticeship program partners Bystronic and Althaus will continue to exhibit jointly in the future.

Automation system was the highlight of the booth

May 2015


At the HAGA show in Herzogenbuchsee, apprenticeship program partners Bystronic and Althaus welcomed an eclectic crowd of visitors at their joint booth. The exhibit gave visitors insight into the many possibilities of a broad-based vocational training program.

After the HAGA show in Herzogenbuchsee, Roland Wyler, head of the apprenticeship program at Bystronic, spoke positively of the show’s outcome: “This was a successful event. Anyone who visited our booth could feel the motivation of our apprentices.”

“Apprenticeships with a Future” was the motto of the four-day joint exhibit by apprenticeship program partners Bystronic and Althaus. One of the highlights of the exhibit was the automation system developed by apprentices from both Bystronic and Althaus as part of a joint project. “Our booth featured technology in motion. This attracted many curious visitors,” says Roland Wyler.

When you read about apprenticeship programs, it’s usually things like, “An automation engineer develops electronic control systems” or “A production engineer manufacturers machine components.” By setting up a real-life automation system at their booth, Bystronic and Althaus wanted to show what that really means in practice. Apprentices from all eleven career paths offered by the two companies took part in the project. They ranged from up-and-coming business managers and computer scientists to system engineers, polytechnicians and automation engineers. The system was proof of the potential benefits of broad-based vocational training.

Future joint exhibitions

The HAGA show drew a very mixed crowd: students, parents, retirees, teachers and media representatives. That was a good thing, says Roland Wyler: “As an apprenticeship program provider, we’re not only reaching potential apprentices but also young people who have never before considered a career in our field.”

Bystronic and Althaus will continue to exhibit together again in the future, such as at the Aarwangen trade show this October. In addition, the GALA show in Langenthal and the Fall Trade Show in Solothurn are already on the agenda for 2016.

All those who could not attend the HAGA show in Herzogenbuchsee will still have a chance to experience the Bystronic and Althaus joint automation system live.

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