A real presence and comprehensive service are decisive factors in the Middle East. Hence, Bystronic’s trained technicians and replacement parts will now reach the customer even more quickly.
On site with the fiber laser: Bystronic presented a BySprint Fiber 4020 at this year’s SteelFab in Sharjah.

Swiss quality and service in the Middle East

March 2015


From January 26th through the 29th, SteelFab 2015 was underway in the United Arab Emirates. This was the second time that Bystronic had a booth at this trade fair. Unlike last year, this time the sales and service team brought a real flagship with them: the BySprint Fiber 4020 with 6 kW. “Having a machine at the booth was very important,” salesman Julio Joss explains. “It’s how Bystronic can show customers that we are able to bring technology and know-how right to them.”

Interest in fiber lasers is growing in the Middle East. Maybe not yet as much as in Europe, but the market is gaining speed. Countless large construction projects in infrastructure will significantly increase the order for local sheet metal processors in the foreseeable future. “However, these operators need more than just a laser machine,” Julio Joss says. Strong Bystronic support for all things machine-related is as important as the machine itself. That means: trained technicians and readily available replacement parts; without long wait times.

Bystronic expands service

“Our customers need to take no risk,” Julio Joss explains. Willingness to invest in new technology is there. However, many companies want to see profits quickly, without any losses, if possible. To achieve this, they need a machine that works flawlessly. That is why Bystronic started expanding service in the Middle East.

Bystronic draws a positive conclusion from this year’s trade fair appearance. The number of visitors was significantly higher compared to the previous year. The fiber laser displayed at the booth was certainly one reason for this increase. The BySprint Fiber 4020 was used for various demos during SteelFab. “We cut many things, including six millimeter thick brass parts. And booth visitors were impressed with the quality,” Julio Joss says.


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