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ByTower The flexible and compact storage tower for lightly-manned manufacturing

ByTower - Title

Pure flexibility The storage tower that keeps on giving

Inject speed into your production. The ByTower storage tower offers you pure flexibility. A variety of material types and thicknesses are stored directly at the machine. This means that they are available at a moment’s notice, and the cut parts can be immediately returned to storage.


Versatile applications Space for raw materials and storage

The ByTower offers space for the storage of a wide range of materials as well as for the return storage of the cut parts. The immediate availability of the materials reduces setup times. This optimizes the material flow and maximizes the utilization of your laser cutting machine.


Lightly-manned manufacturing More time for other tasks

With the ByTrans, ByTrans Extended, and ByTower automation modules, you can easily create an autonomous, flexible production cell. In this way you optimize interfaces and keep them simple. This guarantees smooth and user-friendly operations. Thanks to the automated workflow, the storage tower makes it possible to produce with minimal staff.


Versatile cassette handling Flexibly adaptable to your requirements

Customize the ratio of storage and retrieval cassettes to suit your requirements on the shop floor. The cassettes can be loaded and unloaded either with or without wooden pallets. Thanks to the compact, vertical design of our storage tower, the available floor space is used efficiently.

two cassettes for raw material

Benefit from our flexible storage tower and speed up your production. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Technical data

Specifications All the information about the ByTower

 ByTower 3015
Nominal sheet size120 × 60 in
Load sheet metal thickness0.030–1.00 in
Unload sheet metal thickness0.030–1.00 in
Maximum sheet weight1962 lbs
Number of cassettes11 / 8 / 6
System height18.37 ft/14.76 ft/12.46 ft

Fully automatic and simple ByTower storage tower in action

The shuttle table is loaded and unloaded automatically, but remains freely accessible in spite of the fully automated material flow. The input of the raw material and the output of the processed sheets is easily handled using a forklift truck. The return of the cut sheets to storage is also handled automatically by the system. 


This makes our storage tower flexible and easy to operate, and enables low-manpower production. 

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The highlights from the video

ByTower & ByTrans Extended

Flexible customization

Expand your laser cutting system step by step to suit your needs – thanks to simple integration.

automation laser

Simple operation

Thanks to the integration of material handling and management into the machine terminal, the operation of our ByTower storage tower is straightforward.



Your materials are stored where they are needed. As a result, they take up less floor space compared to conventional sheet metal storage systems.

sheet metal

Easy on the budget

The attractive purchase price of the storage tower will not overload your budget.

We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have about our ByTower storage tower.


Bystronic Service Customized to your needs and designed for smooth production

Bystronic Service and Maintenance

ByCare packages

Our trained service experts ensure efficient production processes and safety for your employees. Depending on the challenge, we offer packages with basic to all-around services.

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360° Customer Advisor

We analyze your production and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on this information, you can optimize processes and decrease downtime.

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Our services

We maintain and repair your Bystronic systems. Optionally, you can obtain upgrades to retrofit your system or accessories to fine-tune your machines. Upon request, we can also perform a general overhaul.

Our service experts are always there for you – quickly and in person:


Software BySoft Suite: Software for efficient processes

The future of sheet processing lies in networked, intelligent production. Bystronic software digitalizes and connects your entire company in order to optimally control your production.

Further digitalizes the sheet metal processing industry and provides simplification, transparency, and efficiency: the all-new BySoft Suite.