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Modular Tool Changer Automatic tool change for press brakes

Modular Tool Changer - Title

Accelerate set-up times Bend faster thanks to an automatic tool change

Don't waste any more time: Set-up takes up to 70% of the bending process. It is time consuming and physically demanding for large tools.

The Modular Tool Changer takes a load off your personnel and boosts your productivity. It changes tools on your Xpert Pro press brake fully automatically, thereby ensuring high-precision bending processes. 

Modular Tool Changer - Automatic Tool Changer

Protect your parts and tools Longer useful life for your tools

The automatic cleaning of the press brake guarantees that tools are positioned accurately and ensures even more precise bending processes. They can be used longer thanks to their gentle treatment. 

Modular Tool Changer - Automatic Cleaning

Make use of all your room to maneuver Automatic tool change, even for large tools

The 6-axis robot has a carrying capacity of 25 kilograms. It changes lower tools up to a size of V120 and upper tools up to 350 millimeters tall. If necessary, upper tools can be rotated by 180 degrees.

Modular Tool Changer - big bending tools

Intelligent software and sensors Integrate new tools at the push of a button

The Modular Tool Changer is linked to the bending software BySoft Cell Control Bend. The intelligent sensors detect new tools automatically and immediately integrate them into the magazine. This eliminates the need for any programming work.

Mobile Bending Cell - Intelligent Software

Minimize set-up times and increase bending quality with our Modular Tool Changer.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications All information on the Modular Tool Changer

 Modular Tool Changer
Tonnage110 – 350 sh/t
Bending length122 – 169.3 inch
Standard stroke17.7 inch
Open height33 inch
Throat15.7 inch
Table Width2.9 / 4.3 inch
Max. tool capacity tool magazine170 ft
Max. length upper tool20.2 inch
Max. height upper tool13.7 inch
Max. bottom tool opening4.7 inch

Videos Fast and precise: The most flexible automation

Save time and increase bending quality using the automatic tool change. Tool sets are positioned precisely and without wear in the clamping system of the upper and lower beams. The automatic rotation of the upper tools increases the variety of bending applications. The modular design makes retrofitting possible for press brakes in the Xpert Pro series.

Modular Tool Changer Thumbnail

Highlights from the video

Video preview Modular Tool Changer - Increase productivity

Higher productivity

The automatic tool changer can be easily retrofitted to any Xpert Pro press brake and significantly reduces set-up times.

Video preview Modular Tool Changer - Precision

Maximum precision

Automatic cleaning of the bending table guarantees that tools are positioned accurately and that the bending process is highly precise.

Video preview Modular Tool Changer - Tool storage

Minimum wear

The tools are handled gently and are always neatly stowed in the magazine. This reduces wear and allows them to be used longer.

Video preview Modular Tool Changer - Intelligent sensors

No programming work needed

The intelligent sensors detect new tools automatically and immediately integrate them into the magazine.

We are happy to advise you on automatic tool change for your press brake.


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Software BySoft Cell Control Bend: The software for your press brake

The Modular Tool Changer is connected to the bending software. Together with the sensors of the tool changer, it automatically detects and integrates the tools. You can therefore use BySoft Cell Control Bend to control all process steps with ease. 

Modular Tool Changer - ByVision Bending

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