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Bending Cell The all-round worry-free automatic sheet metal bending machine

Bending Cell - Title

Worry-free package Fully automatic bending – 24/7

While the competition is asleep, your automatic sheet metal bending machine is running at full capacity: Together with an agile robot, our high-end Xpert Pro press brake operates fully autonomously.

The robot and press brake can be controlled intuitively and comfortably using the touch screen. The BySoft Cell Control Bend intelligent software independently creates optimal bending processes and determines the right tools for any job list.

Bending Cell - Autonomous work

Professional automatic sheet metal bending machine Accelerate your bending processes

The automatic sheet metal bending machine operates faster than the most experienced bending professional. The fully automatic tool and gripper changer eliminates the need for manual intervention. This alone results in time savings of up to 30% during set-up.

Bending Cell - Tool changer

Stay flexible – no matter what comes your way Autonomous, even with changing order situations

Automation solutions are often too rigid for changing orders. This isn't the case with the Bending Cell: The 7-axis robot offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of tasks. Even night shifts with varying work are a breeze for the automatic sheet metal bending machine. 

Bending Cell - Gripper

Proven and patented Trust in constant quality

Maximum precision is guaranteed by the proven technology of our Xpert Pro flagship. Dynamic crowning and our patented Pressure-Reference technology ensure constant quality from the first part to the last.

Bending Cell - High quality

Benefit from maximum flexibility and quality with our autonomous automatic sheet metal bending machine.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications All information on the Bending Cell

 Bending Cell
Tonnage Abkantpresse100, 150, 200, 250, 320 t
Bending length122 + 169 in
Max. part size118 × 59 in
Max. part weightca. 285 lbs
Max. Robot Payload661,38 lbs
Min. sheet thickness0.2 in
Air supply87 – 116 psi
Max. plate stackca. 60 in
Max. sheet metal stack heightca. 78 in
Max. tool capacity in the magazineca. 122 ft
Number of gripper stations5 +

Videos Autonomous automatic sheet metal bending machine: Our Bending Cell in action

Save time and produce bent parts precisely and without personnel. Our 7-axis robot with a high carrying capacity completes bending orders fully automatically and without errors, even for heavy components. 

The highlights include the following:

  • Automatic double sheet check
  • Automatic gripper and tool change and regrip station
  • Fully automatic reading in of new tools, and much more
Bending Cell Thumbnail

Highlights from the video

Video preview Bending Cell - Tool cabinet

High availability thanks to its modular design

Depending on how it is equipped, the automatic sheet metal bending machine provides a bending length of up to 4 meters, a generous material store, and a tool magazine. 

Video preview Bending Cell - Flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Whether it's for small batch sizes or large series – the 7-axis robot works reliably with a wide variety of orders.

Video preview Bending Cell - Performance range

Broad power spectrum

Choose from five power levels. If necessary, the press capacity reaches from 100 to 320 tons, and the robot carrying capacity covers a spectrum of 90 to 270 kilograms.

Video preview Bending Cell - Constant quality

Consistent bend accuracy

The proven technology of the high-end Xpert Pro press brake guarantees maximum precision from the first part to the last.

Do you have questions about our automatic sheet metal bending machine? We are happy to advise you!


Bystronic Service Customized to your needs and designed for smooth production

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ByCare packages

Our trained service experts ensure efficient production processes and safety for your employees. Depending on the challenge, we offer packages with basic to all-around services.

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360° Customer Advisor

We analyze your production and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on this information, you can optimize processes and decrease downtime.

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Our services

We maintain and repair your Bystronic systems. Optionally, you can obtain upgrades to retrofit your system or accessories to fine-tune your machines. Upon request, we can also perform a general overhaul.

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Software BySoft Cell Control Bend: Unmanned, fully automatic sheet metal bending machine

The Bending Cell is connected to the bending software. This facilitates automatic control of all process steps. Production can be monitored at all times on mobile end devices.

Bending orders can be conveniently programmed offline. The data is then imported into BySoft Cell Control Bend, without interrupting current production.

Modular Tool Changer - ByVision Bending

BySoft Suite Software for efficient processes

The future of sheet processing lies in networked, intelligent production. Bystronic software digitalizes and connects your entire company in order to optimally control your production.

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