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Mobile Bending Cell Automated press brake in confined spaces

Mobile Bending Cell - Title

Expanded press brakes Flexible bending automation in a miniature format

In just a matter of minutes, Bystronic expands the compact ByBend Star 40 and ByBend Star 80 press brakes into a mobile bending cell. Manual or automatic? Both are possible with the Mobile Bending Cell: Bend large series fully automatically and complex small series manually. This allows you to stay flexible and make decisions depending on your needs.

On-demand automation in confined spaces for maximum flexibility!

Mobile Bending Cell - Flexible Automation

Fast and uncomplicated Get started – without beating about the bush

The Mobile Bending Cell is operational in next to no time: "Plug and bend" – simply plug in and start bending. The changeover from the manual to the automated press brake takes less than ten minutes. 

Mobile Bending Cell - Just start

Use every last corner Automated press brake in confined spaces

The Mobile Bending Cell is the solution for your space problems: It is our most compact bending cell for bending automation and can be moved effortlessly. This allows you to bend in confined spaces – wherever you want.

Mobile Bending Cell - Work in small spaces

Compact and powerful Boost your output

The compact chassis enables bending speeds of up to 30 millimeters per second. This allows you to work three times as fast as with a large press brake. In this way, you can produce small and medium-sized parts more conveniently than ever.

Mobile Bending Cell - Increase output

Simple programming Make yourself comfortable

The BySoft CAM Robot software enables simple programming in combination with the bending software BySoft Cell Control Bend. Whether it's manual or automated – the intuitive operation makes bending convenient on your press brake. 

Programming is also possible offline. Users can create all bending orders offline using the BySoft CAM software.

Mobile Bending Cell - Easy programming with BySoft CAM Robot

Benefit from maximum flexibility in confined spaces with our Mobile Bending Cell.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications All information on the Mobile Bending Cell

 Mobile Bending Cell 40 + 80
Max. load22 lbs
Max. part sizeca. 11.8 × 23.6 in
Max. part weightca. 15 lbs
Air supply5 – 7 bar
Weight1.1 US tons

Videos Simple retrofitting: The most flexible bending automation

Retrofit your manual ByBend Star 40 and ByBend Star 80 press brakes to automated bending cells in a matter of minutes. This allows you to combine the bending performance of the ByBend Star 40 or 80 with the productivity of the Mobile Bending Robot in confined spaces. Doing so ensures maximum flexibility for changing order situations.

Mobile Bending Cell Thumbnail

Highlights from the video

Video preview Mobile Bending Cell fast convertion

Fast changeovers

The bending cell can be changed over from manual operation to automated production in less than 10 minutes.

Video preview Mobile Bending Cell work in small spaces

Mobile use

With a footprint of less than 3 square meters, the automated press brake can be used on the move wherever it is needed.

Video preview Mobile Bending Cell exact positioning

Accurate positioning

A 6-axis robot works inside the Mobile Bending Cell. You can accurately guide the bent parts to the press brake in any position.

Video preview Mobile Bending Cell enough space for changing parts

Enough space for changing parts

Users can flexibly adapt the receiving stations for blanks in the Mobile Bending Cell.

Do you have questions about expanding your press brakes to a mobile and automated bending cell? We are happy to advise you!


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Software BySoft Cell Control Bend: Automation for your press brake

The Mobile Bending Cell is connected to the bending software. This facilitates automatic control of all process steps. 

Innovative CNC bending machine for custom metalwork projects

BySoft Suite Software for efficient processes

The future of sheet processing lies in networked, intelligent production. Bystronic software digitalizes and connects your entire company in order to optimally control your production.

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