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ByTrans Modular Highly flexible loading and unloading automation solution for laser systems

ByTrans Modular - Title

Laser cutting with speed Automated loading and unloading of laser systems

The ByTrans Modular is an advanced loading and unloading automation. It injects extra speed into your Bystronic laser cutting machine, both for large series and for small jobs. 

The variety of configurations and layouts allow to choose the best solution. This eliminates the need for manual loading and unloading. The system takes care of it for you. 

ByTrans Modular Automatisches Be- und Entladen

Straightforward control User-friendly touch screen

The new software features enable you to easily control your automation from the touch screen of your laser cutting system. In addition to the standard scope of supply you can also connect additional control panels to have a better overview and management of the overall cutting cell. 

ByTrans Modular Touchscreen

Automation drives high productivity Perfectly tailored to your requirements

The ByTrans Modular offers you an extremely high level of configurability, allowing you to choose the best solution to improve the productivity of your laser systems, easing also your operator’s workload. 

ByStar Fiber & ByTrans Modular

Seamless integration Easily upgrade whenever required

The ingenious system architecture enables native interfacing with Bystronic’s next-generation storage solutions. Reach the next level of productivity by connecting the system to BySort. You can even use your ByTrans Modular to manage two laser systems within the same automation setup.

ByTrans Modular multiple systems

Give your productivity a boost with our ByTrans Modular load and unload automation for laser systems. 


Specifications All the information about the ByTrans Modular

 ByTrans Modular 3015ByTrans Modular 4020
Nominal sheet size3000 x 1500 mm160 x 80 in
Maximum sheet metal size3085 × 1560 mm161,5 × 81,5 in
Sheet metal thickness (loading and unloading)25* mm25* mm
Maximum sheet weight900* kg1600* kg

Videos ByTrans Modular in Action

ByTrans Modular & BySort Thumbnail

The highlights from the video

ByTrans Modular Touchscreen

Smart solution

Control the automation system directly from the touch screen of the laser cutting machine.  If your system is larger, you can simply add additional panels.

ByTrans Modular multiple systems

Pure efficiency

Automated handling of loading and unloading operations, with the possibility to connect two laser systems with the same automation.

ByTrans Modular & BySort


BySort can be retrofit to your existing ByTrans Modular, increasing your overall automation process.

ByTrans Modular sustainable

Sustainably smart

Manage the unloading of large parts and recover the residual sheet – for sustainable production.

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