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ByTrans & ByTrans Extended Intelligent loading and unloading system for automation with laser cutting

ByTrans Extended - Title

Space saving design An automated solution for your needs

With an automation system:

  • optimize the material flow for your production
  • improve your laser systems productivity
  • increase occupational safety and process reliability in your production 

The ByTrans is the intelligent automation solution for loading and unloading Bystronic laser cutting systems. It is available in two designs: with one cassette or two in the extended version.

ByTrans Extended space saving layout

ByTrans Extended Version Two cassettes for more flexibility

In the design with two cassettes, the machine system works even more autonomously. The process on your laser cutting system is thus more flexible.

You can store plastic sheets in the second cassette. These are automatically placed over your cut sheet, to avoid any contact during the stacking process and protect the quality of your parts.

two cassettes for raw material

Support along the entire line Processing large parts

The second cassette also supports big parts removal. Big cut parts are automatically separated from the rest of the sheet and stored in the second cassette. The remaining skeleton will be unloaded with fork system in its dedicate position.

ByTrans Extended & ByTower

Greater machine usage Profitable investment in the future

Ensure significantly higher usage of your laser cutting system with an upgrade to the autonomous system. Using the two cassettes, you double loading capacity of the ByTrans and expand the scope of its functions. 

ByStar Fiber & ByTrans Extended & ByTower

Increase your productivity with the ByTrans and the Extended Version from Bystronic. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications All the information on the ByTrans & ByTrans Extended

ByTrans30153015 Extended4020 Extended
Nominal sheet size3000 × 1500 mm3000 × 1500 mm4000 × 2000 mm
Load sheet metal thickness0.8–25 mm0.8–25 mm0.8–20 mm
Unload sheet metal thickness0.8–25 mm0.8–25 mm0.8–20 mm
Maximum sheet weight890 kg890 kg1300 kg
Number of cassettes122
Large parts removal 
Insert protective separators 
Cassette Changer  

Videos Autonomous system: ByTrans and ByTrans Extended in action

Order processing on your laser cutting system runs faster with automatic loading and unloading. With the second cassette, the machine system becomes even more autonomous. This makes it easier to get started with lightly manned parts production. 

ByTrans Extended thumbnail

Highlights from the video

ByTrans Extended Schnelle Durchlaufzeit

Fast cycle time

Give your production an extra boost. The automatic system for loading and unloading your laser cutting system significantly reduces idle time.

ByTrans Extended Automatisierte Fertigung

Automated production

Automation enables low manned production, reducing cost per part and freeing operators for other activities.

ByTrans Extended Mehr Output

Greater output

Increase the amount of sheet processed by your machine through automation.

ByTrans Extended verschiedene Formate

Two sizes

It is available in a choice of 3 x 1.5 and 4 x 2 meter formats.

We are happy to advise you if you have any questions on automation with laser cutting.


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