News A focus on technology: Bystronic launches the digital magazine Naratek

New technologies offer a wealth of fabric for stories. The focus of the digital magazine Naratek is on telling these stories in an unexpected and visually rich manner. The initiator of the bilingual platform, the Swiss industrial company Bystronic, made a conscious decision to remain in the background.

Every technology builds on the work of people who are committed to shaping the future. Naratek tells these people’s stories. New technologies and their creators are presented, innovations explained, and trends are critically scrutinized. In short: Naratek is already today thinking about the world of tomorrow.

“The focus is on topics that we pursue out of professional interest and personal curiosity. The Bystronic brand deliberately takes a back seat,” says Jean-Pierre Neuhaus, Chief Communications Officer of the Bystronic Group. “Naratek is a knowledge platform that addresses not only our customers but everyone who is interested in the world of tomorrow.”

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Constructive journalism for tech enthusiasts

Naratek takes a peek beyond the boundaries of the industry in which Bystronic is active. Arts, science, society, and technology – at this intersection, new findings are explored and perspectives are presented in order to inspire readers. Renowned experts, but also researchers and lateral thinkers from the next generation are given the opportunity to share their insights.

The current discourse on technology oscillates between euphoria and pessimism: While some have blind faith in progress, others question the dominance of the tech giants. Naratek’s mission is to mediate between these two positions by means of “constructive journalism”, an approach that highlights opportunities and solutions, but also critically scrutinizes technological advancements.

Naratek publishes what creates insight

The platform is bilingual: All articles are published in German and English. The editorial team consisting of eight people regularly publishes news, features, interviews, and reports. The journalistic content is supplemented by contributions from freelance journalists. 

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