Bystronic quality
Bystronic quality
Original Bystronic lenses, carefully selected and tested by our experts.
Excellent cutting results
Excellent cutting results
Safeguard the high performance of your Bystronic CO2 laser cutting system.

Increased laser cutting performance

May 2017


Achieve high-quality laser cuts and reduce the maintenance intensity of your CO₂ laser cutting system. High-quality lenses from Bystronic unleash the full performance spectrum of your cutting system.

Only high-quality lenses from Bystronic meet the requirements of your CO₂ laser cutting system. During the production of the lenses, Bystronic applies the meticulous selection of materials, the most precise production tolerances, and a patented coating design. Thanks to the precise focusing of the laser beam, our optics offer you consistently high cutting quality and shorter set-up times. 

Achieve outstanding laser cuts in stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel in sheet thicknesses up to 25 millimeters. The low absorption rate of our Bystronic lenses increases the power density and extends the service life of your laser cutting system.

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