“More automation and digital process solutions”

Octobre 2016

At the EuroBLECH trade fair Bystronic is presenting a networked automation solution for the cutting, bending and sorting of sheet metal products. An interview with Bystronic CEO Alex Waser.

Mr. Waser, in what direction is the sheet metal processing business developing with the current trend towards digitalization?

Sheet metal processing is becoming more versatile than ever before. In future, digital solutions will enable our customers to produce both large and small series using flexible systems. What is more, the manufacturing process will become more transparent. In future, users will prepare offers faster, carry out detailed simulations of their manufacturing processes in advance, and while their production processes are running they will be supported by monitoring systems that provide real-time information. All this will result in an optimization of costs and processes. And this in turn, is the prerequisite for sustainable competitive success.

What highlights is Bystronic presenting at the EuroBLECH exhibition?

With the Production Cell, Bystronic is showing a fully-automated solution for the cutting and bending of sheet metal products. With this solution, we integrate laser cutting, material handling, sorting, bending, process monitoring, and MES concepts into a networked production environment. Bystronic has never before offered such a comprehensive automation solution. What makes the Production Cell so unique is its compactness and versatility. It has room on our exhibition booth, and thanks to its modular design, it can be integrated into a wide variety of manufacturing environments. Another new factor in this context is that Bystronic is taking over FMG. With this specialist company for material handling and warehouse solutions, we are increasing the depth of our portfolio with valuable know-how.

What innovations are you presenting in the field of laser cutting?

We are enhancing our high-end platform ByStar Fiber with a 10 kilowatt laser source. This opens up hitherto unachieved cutting speeds. For all users who focus uncompromisingly on fiber laser technology, this primarily provides one benefit: a competitive edge.
And we are presenting another innovation on the ByStar Fiber. Bystronic has developed a new cutting head for fiber laser cutting. This enables us to optimally integrate the 10 kilowatt speed into the cutting process. We want our customers to be fast and to produce with high quality.

What role does software play in an increasingly automated and digitalized manufacturing world?

Software helps our customers to plan, interlink, monitor, and optimize all their processes. Hence, with BySoft 7, we offer a comprehensive solution that integrates all our machine systems and the associated process steps. Moreover, we will continue to enhance our range of software. With new solutions in the field of MES. With immediate effect, we are working in close partnership with the IT specialist Lantek.

Visit Bystronic at EuroBLECH: Hall 12, Booth B66

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